Social Activities

Memorial Day Weekend 2019

The weather can be a bit unpredictable during this time of year but it stayed pretty decent for the Memorial Day festivities and fun was had by all.

There were quite a few people fishing for the BIG one, both from the bank and out in boats. Plenty of fish were caught, most were released to be caught another day but the winners of the derby earned their places.

Not sure which was bigger, the fish or the smiles.

Other highlights of the weekend included the annual duck race. Members buy numbered ducks, then all the ducks are thrown into the creek at the same time. At the bottom, volunteers are waiting to rescue the ducks from the creek and the first one to the bottom wins.

The billiards tournament was held in the clubhouse,

And the weekend finished out with the horseshoe tournament and a BBQ.



It’s all about the smiles and there were lots of those.

Thanks to everyone that volunteered and participated for making the weekend such a success.