Recycling Information

15 Dec 2022


I’m extremely unhappy to report to you that recycling service at Lake Tyee is not available.

We were very excited when Waste Management informed us that we could have recycling here at the Lake. We worked with their representative to determine the bins and sizes we needed and placed our order. We then signed a service agreement with them for the next three years.

We were given a delivery date for the bins, and we sent out notice to the lot owners.

Unfortunately, the bins didn’t arrive, we were told there were weather delays, and we received a new delivery date. Again, they didn’t arrive.

We are now being told that Waste Management does not offer recycling in this area and that is the reason the bins never arrived.

We will continue to look for options, but for now, we won’t be getting any recycling bins.

We’re very disappointed as I know many of you are as well.



Scott Curdie

Lake Tyee General Manager