History of Lake Tyee

The Lake Tyee resort grew out of humble roots – it was a lumber mill and pond in the early part of the 1900s, operated by a local Concrete family. In the early 1970s, the land was purchased by the Rogers family.

Bob Rogers was retired from a successful real estate development career, but even in his 60s, he was still eager to do more. He had a dream to create a Camping Club on the shores of a lake he would dredge from the existing pond. He purchased almost 300 acres and began the process of having the land platted through the Skagit County Planning Dept. Bob envisioned that each Camping Club owner would own the land they would use for their tent or camping trailer and be able to enjoy the marvelous surroundings of the North Cascades. He made sure that every owner had the feel of being in the woods by designing the plats to have greenbelt between each one, in most cases.

Initially he developed The Meadow (called Division 1). When he was ready to develop the next division, he also built a clubhouse and office. Bob sold the lots through his on-site real estate company, Lands West.

After developing one more division (he had originally envisioned 4 divisions, but only built out 3 of them) and managing the Camping Club himself for 20+ years, Bob was ready to pass along the oversight to others. In 1995, he formed a non-profit association and handed over the reins to a 5-person board; he used the group he had previously used as non-binding advisors and made them board members. And he sold the for-profit Lands West to the Forshee family. Thus began the Homeowners Association of Lake Tyee.