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March 2021

25 Mar 2021


Please be aware, we have received reports of cougar activity in the area. The following “Caution” signs are posted at the gates and trail heads.


Cougar Activity Reported in this area

Prevent an encounter with a cougar:

  • Do not feed wildlife.
  • Do not feed pets outside, keep pets inside at night.
  • Install outdoor lighting or motion sensitive lights.
  • Watch young children and ensure they are inside before dark.
  • Avoid hiking alone, especially in the early morning or late evening, when cougars typically hunt.
  • When hiking with children, keep them together and near adults.
  • Make noise to avoid surprising a cougar.
  • Don’t walk up to a dead animal that could be a cougar-kill, left for the next feeding

If you come face to face with a cougar:

  • Pick up any small children.
  • Take a stand, maintain your ground or back away very slowly.
  • Keep direct eye contact with the cougar.
  • Speak loudly and firmly.
  • Stand erect and wave your arms, appear as large and menacing as possible.




If a cougar attacks, fight back with anything you have available.

06 Mar 2021

Hi all,

We hope everyone is doing well. We’re looking forward to the day we can all get together once again. Listening to the news, things seem to be improving so we’re hopeful restrictions may ease up a bit this summer.

With the first two months of 2021 under our belts, we wanted to touch bases with everyone and pass along a few reminders.



Lake Tyee Recreational Community has put out a call for bids to renovate two clubhouse change rooms. Work is targeted to take place between 21 Sept 2021 and 30 Mar 2022. Bids are due by 5PM, 23 Apr 2021.

Documents are available at:


The spas are still closed for now. Any time there is a change in status for our region or any changes in the restrictions for the current phase, we review the new requirements to see how it may affect us. So far, the restrictions don’t make opening the spas feasible, yet.

The ballroom and change rooms are still closed.

Playgrounds, and Putt-Putt are open (currently snow covered but not closed due to COVID-19). All the comfort stations are open. The office is open with standard COVID-19 restrictions (wear a mask, stay behind the blue line, maintain 6’ separation).


The Board and the office will be changing email addresses beginning April 6, 2021, all the previous gmail accounts will no longer be monitored.

The new email addresses are:

Board Email Addresses:

Office Email Addresses:


210-Day limit

We are in a new year and that means the 210-day clock has started, and we will be enforcing the rule. We have noticed a few owners have been staying here at the park and want to remind everyone that these are recreational lots, you cannot live here. If you are staying or using your lot every day, then the 210th day of 2021 is Thursday July 29th. After that you would need to move to another location. The 210- day requirement, is for any use of the property, whether it be the owner using it, a guest, etc. Short visits to the property count towards the 210-day limit as well, it does not make an exception for not spending the night. This requirement is included on the deeds for our properties, it’s a requirement in Skagit County. We are zoned recreational, which helps keep the taxes we all pay lower. Please ensure you have alternative plans for any time outside the 210-day limit. If you have any questions about the rule, contact the office and we can help explain.


Only household garbage is allowed in the dumpsters. This has been a difficult issue for some time. Garbage collection is one of the highest expenses we have at the Lake. The costs are based on how much trash we have each week. Throwing out furniture, construction materials, BBQ’s, etc. takes a lot of space in the dumpsters, adds weight, and causes additional dumpsters to be required.  Also, anything the drivers believe to be unsafe, such as propane tanks, poles sticking out of the lids, overfilled dumpsters and so on, can cause them to not dump the can and may provide waste management a reason to discontinue our service. Signs have been posted at the dumpster sites identifying where materials not allowed in our dumpsters can be disposed of. Please do your part and dump responsibly.

With Daylight Savings time coming up we’re starting to think of Spring. Hopefully, sunny days and clear (virus free) air are heading our way.

Until we see you again, stay well, stay safe.


04 Mar 2021

To all lot owners,

We have had a software change at the Lake Tyee office and due to compliance requirements for credit card information we need to re-enter the credit card information for those that are on auto pay.

We have a list of all owners that are currently on auto pay and will be calling each of them to re-enter the payment information.

If it is more convenient, you are welcome to call the office (360) 853-7020 with your information, rather than wait for our call.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Feb 2021

14 Feb 2021

and…we have SNOW!!!

Kla-ta-wa Hill is closed


After the windstorm on the 12th of January, trees were down, debris was everywhere, power was out for days and the cleanup was just beginning.

Maintenance and the hazardous tree team went to work on clearing roads and driveways. As that need lessened efforts have turned to general clean-up of the park and is continuing.

With our Canadian friends unable to cross the border, we are asking owners that do come to the park and are able, to please check out your friends and neighbor’s lots and if possible, help clean up the debris for them.

If you do not have a means to haul the branches to the pit, pile them at the side of the road and maintenance will pick them up. We can only take natural debris such as tree limbs, branches, and brush. We cannot haul away garbage.

We are offering to do the pickup work because this storm and Covid have created an unusual situation. Normally, the lot owner would be responsible for cleaning their lot and hauling away the debris.

We will provide routine pickups of tree debris through the month of February 2021, afterwards the responsibility will be back to the owner’s for taking care of their debris.

Thank you to all the volunteers that have been already helping with this effort and thank you in advance for all those that may come and help.

Lake Tyee Management


Jan 2021

23 Jan 2021

After the windstorm on the 12th of February, trees were down, debris was everywhere, power was out for days and the cleanup was just beginning.

Maintenance and the hazardous tree team went to work on clearing roads and driveways. As that need lessened efforts have turned to general clean-up of the park and is continuing.

With our Canadian friends unable to cross the border, we are asking owners that do come to the park and are able, to please check out your friends and neighbor’s lots and if possible, help clean up the debris for them.

If you do not have a means to haul the branches to the pit, pile them at the side of the road and maintenance will pick them up. We can only take natural debris such as tree limbs, branches, and brush. We cannot haul away garbage.

We are offering to do the pickup work because this storm and Covid have created an unusual situation. Normally, the lot owner would be responsible for cleaning their lot and hauling away the debris.

We will provide routine pickups of tree debris through the month of February 2021, afterwards the responsibility will be back to the owner’s for taking care of their debris.

Thank you to all the volunteers that have been already helping with this effort and thank you in advance for all those that may come and help.

Lake Tyee Management

16 Jan 2021

We have temporarily closed all the hiking trails due to hazardous trees that need to be removed. We will open the trails as quickly as we can once we determine them to be safe.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.



14 Jan 2021

Lake Tyee Community,

I would like to say that I am very pleased and proud, to be a part of this community. When the need arises, this community is there in support and help of one another. We are so very lucky to have such an amazing group of people for our neighbors and staff.

Tuesday night (1/12/2021) we experienced a significant wind event. The wind was merciless, toppling large and small trees, breaking branches, blowing debris everywhere and generally wreaking havoc. To keep things interesting, the falling trees caused a widespread power outage.

Most importantly, we made it through the storm without anyone being injured. Property is replaceable, people are not.

Security has assessed the damage throughout the park. We have identified all the significant damage and what was found has been reported to the lot owners. As the cleanup progresses, we will continue to be on the lookout for any damage we may not have identified previously. We will continue to notify owners if we find an issue at their lot.

Crews made significant progress yesterday with the cleanup efforts. All the trees blocking roads have been dealt with and all roads are again passable. Truckloads of debris have been removed and the cleanup continues.

I would like to thank the staff and volunteers that went to work on clearing the roads, dealing with trees that still presented a hazard and the cleanup effort. Yesterday was a day of hard, difficult work and the teams that took on those jobs did so without complaint.

I would like to thank all the volunteers that have helped so much. People were gathering debris, cutting trees, and helping to clear lots. Others helped by checking on lots for owners and reporting back to them. Everyone was doing all they could to help their neighbors.

I would also like to especially thank Dan Pfluger and his team, not only for volunteering to help in this event, but for the many years of heading up the danger tree evaluation and removal. Their efforts over many years, has helped to keep damage to a minimum, when an event such as what we just had occurs. It was amazing to see the number of trees that fell without harming anything. Dan and his team have done an excellent job identifying and eliminating the trees that would truly cause harm.

With over 800 lots in a forest, the number of damage reports were relatively few. For those that did suffer damage our hearts go out to you.

Power is still out and may be for a while, but security is keeping a good eye on the park, as are those currently staying here. Cleanup will continue for several days until we get back to normal.

Once again Mother Nature has shown us, she is in charge and has given us a reminder to be prepared and carry good insurance.

I’m glad the storm has ended, I’m grateful for the people we have in this community and I’m so very thankful no one was hurt.

Scott Curdie

General Manager Lake Tyee



Don’t forget, Lot Owners meeting 9 AM Sat 16 Jan 2021 followed by the Board meeting at 10 AM The meetings will be held on Zoom.

Login information can be found in the Members Resource section of the website.




We hope the new year finds each of you healthy and happy.

2020 was a difficult year for us all. Hopefully, in 2021 we’ll start to see things return to normal.

Have a wonderful year!



Dec 2020


On behalf of the membership, the Lake Tyee Board of Directors wishes to express our deepest thanks and well wishes to Lorri Pfluger for her many years of care and service to our community. Lorri stepped in and took on the challenge of successfully Managing our community for the past decade during a period of tremendous change and growth and did so with care and excellence.

Please join us in sending our best wishes to Lorri and thanking her for a job well done!


Don’t forget to vote on the budget, ballots are due Friday 11 Dec 2020 by 4PM


Lake Tyee Recreational Community is searching for a bookkeeper.
This position will maintain the financial record keeping of the day-to-day operations for a large
non-profit, HOA.
This is a part-time position estimated at 20 hours per week.
– Update and maintain all accounting records accurately and timely
– Input charges for purchases and recurring monthly vendors
– Credit customer accounts with payments
– Bill customer accounts
– Make vendor payments
– Post legal bills
– Record funds for lot sales and set up new owner accounts
– Reconcile bank statements and AP vendor statements
– Input electrical meter readings
– Maintain the fixed asset record
– Maintain correct accounting of payable lots
– Provide reports as requested
– Provide support for audits
– Update payroll records and files for personnel changes
5 years bookkeeping
Experience with Quickbooks
Experience with non-profit and HOA’s (preferred)
Computer skills including Quickbooks, Microsoft Office
If interested email or mail resume to;
mail: Lake Tyee
4571 Burpee Hill Road
Concrete, WA 98237
Lands West


Lands West, Lake Tyee’s on-site realty company, is open again!!  They’re under new management and are ready to help you sell or help you buy your vacation property here at the Lake.  You can reach them at their telephone number of (360) 853-8111, or at their new email address


On Nov 15th, 2020, Governor Inslee announced a 4-week Statewide set of restrictions in response to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. The restrictions currently are in place until the 14th of Dec 2020.

Amongst the restrictions is a mandate to close offices to the public. In support of that restriction the Lake Tyee office will be closed to walk-in traffic during this time.

Services are still available by phone (360) 853-7020 and email

Payments may be dropped through the mail slot. Picking items up from the office may be done by calling the office and we will arrange for you to pick up what you need  (pit keys, welcome packets, etc.) from a safe location.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during this difficult and frustrating time.


Meeting dates and times:
December Budget Meeting Saturday 12 Dec 2020 10 AM – 12 PM
December Board Meeting Saturday 12 Dec 2020 12 PM – 1 PM
For the zoom link with the meeting ID and passcode please see either the Lot Owner’s email that was sent out or on this website under
“Member Resources / Zoom Meeting Invitations” you can find the links for the meetings.
Please remember that Lot Owner Meetings, Board Meetings and the Budget Meeting are for lot owners only and the links to those meetings are not intended to be shared on social media.
Thank you


Nov 2020

Nov 19, 2020

Lands West, Lake Tyee’s on-site realty company, is open again!!  They’re under new management and are ready to help you sell or help you buy your vacation property here at the Lake.  You can reach them at their telephone number of (360) 853-8111, or at their new email address


Notice 18 Nov 2020


On Nov 15th, 2020, Governor Inslee announced a 4-week Statewide set of restrictions in response to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus. The restrictions currently are in place until the 14th of Dec 2020.

Amongst the restrictions is a mandate to close offices to the public. In support of that restriction the Lake Tyee office will be closed to walk-in traffic during this time.

Services are still available by phone (360) 853-7020 and email

Payments may be dropped through the mail slot. Picking items up from the office may be done by calling the office and we will arrange for you to pick up what you need  (pit keys, welcome packets, etc.) from a safe location.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during this difficult and frustrating time.


Scott Curdie

Lake Tyee General Manager

Notice 18 Nov 2020

On Saturday 12 Dec. 2020 there will be a Board meeting following the Budget Meeting. Both meetings will be broadcast via zoom. You can find the links to the meetings in the members section of this website or in the blast email sent to owners.

Please remember that Lot Owner Meetings, Board Meetings and the Budget Meeting are for lot owners only and the links to those meetings are not intended to be shared on social media.


Nov 11 2020
We would like to sincerely thank all veterans for their service. Everything you have done and all that you do is so very much appreciated. Again, THANK YOU!
Lake Tyee management


Nov 2020 – Notice

Due to an insufficient amount of bids for the clubhouse changeroom renovation, the time for accepting bids has been extended by two weeks per the bylaws. The date to have bids submitted is now 5:00 PM Nov 20, 2020


Meeting date changes

To avoid having the December budget meeting impact people’s holidays, the date for the meeting has been moved up to Saturday Dec 12, 2020.
To allow adequate time to prepare for the budget meeting the November Lot Owner’s meeting and the November Board meeting have also been moved up. They will now be held on Sat. 14 Nov 2020.
We will once again be zooming the Lot Owner’s meeting and we are also going to zoom the Board meeting. They will be separate meetings so you will have to join each meeting separately.
Meeting dates and times:
November lot owner’s meeting Saturday 14 Nov 2020 9 AM – 10 AM
November Board Meeting Saturday 14 Nov 2020 10 AM – 12 PM
December Budget Meeting Saturday 12 Dec 2020 10 AM – 12 PM
For the zoom link with the meeting ID and passcode please see either the Lot Owner’s email that was sent out or on this website under
“Member Resources / Zoom Meeting Invitations” you can find the links for the meetings.
Please remember that Lot Owner Meetings, Board Meetings and the Budget Meeting are for lot owners only and the links to those meetings are not intended to be shared on social media.
Thank you


October 2020

Summer has ended and the weather is beginning to turn.

Now that October is here it’s time to ready things for winter, so please remember;

  • Boats need to be removed from the lake side storage areas by Oct 15th.
  • Beginning Oct 1st we can use tarps to cover things for the winter (until May 15th 2021), no blue tarps however. Only brown, forest green or green/brown camo are allowed.
  • This is a good time to begin winterizing your units. Check your trailer batteries, change the batteries in the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors, empty and blow out the water lines, seal any leaks and store the outside furniture.
  • Last but not least, the wind and rain help drop the maple leaves. Please do not rake them into the roads. We spend a lot of time blowing the leaves off the roads for a couple of reasons. 1) When they get wet they become very slippery which is not good for all those that enjoy walking or riding bikes in the park. 2) As cars crush the leaves into the road they just become next summers dust and we all could use a little less dust next summer.



23 Sep 2020

Lake Tyee Recreational Community has put out a call for bids to renovate two clubhouse change rooms. Work is targeted to begin Jan 2021 and to be finished in Mar 2021. Bids are due by 5PM, 06 Nov 2020.
Documents are available at:


21 Sep 2020

Good news,
The Fire Marshall has announced camp fires are allowed once again.



08 Sep 2020


All of Skagit County is currently under a Red Flag Warning.

Remember: during Fire Weather Watch or Red Flag Warnings no outdoor fires are allowed. The ban on all outdoor fires remains until the watch or warning has been lifted. Fire weather watches are issued anytime an area has been dry to substantial amounts of time. Red flag warnings are issued anytime there is an ongoing wildfire or critical weather conditions including sustained winds averaging 15 miles per hour or greater, relative humidity 25 percent or less and temperatures of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.

You can visit the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center for more information:

September 2020

September brings us the last big weekend of summer and this year the weather is perfect. It’s a strange year, not being able to have all the big events and gatherings as in years past but it does make for some quality family time and hopefully, next year we can have a huge party.

Be safe and have a fun Labor Day weekend.



August 2020

Fire and Lake Tyee


It’s August now and typically the hottest, driest time of year. We may get brief relief from passing storms, but temperatures tend to stay on the warmer side.

The warm temperatures and infrequent storms dry our area out quickly and increases the risk of fires substantially. Adding to this problem is Covid preventing people from coming to the lake so they can take care of their yards.

Maintenance is working hard keeping the community areas mowed and watered the best they can. We need everyone’s help, to keep the weeds and grass trimmed on the individual lots to help prevent a fire.

Other recommendations to help prevent fires include:

  • Clear the leaves and debris from gutters, eaves, porches, and decks.
  • Move combustible materials as far away from your structures as possible.
  • Don’t use shoddy electrical cords or daisy chain extension cords.
  • Do not smoke near materials that can catch on fire and never throw out a lit cigarette.

We are asking, anyone here with a mower or weed eater to keep your grass trimmed and keep the weeds down. Also, if you can help our neighbors that can’t be here, with their yards, please do.

For those that can’t be here, we have a couple of lawn care business contacts, that have been recommended to us, that you can reach out to for that service. They are:

Paul Crane



Bernardo Lopez


Everyone, please ensure your yard is mowed and the weeds are cut back. If you can’t do the work yourself make arrangements with a friend or neighbors to do that for you or hire a lawncare business to handle it.

Our properties are nestled in a forest which is beautiful but a perfect fuel source for a wildfire. Please do your part, lets keep everyone and our park safe!

Everything we can do to prevent fires during this time is helpful. Thank you

As a reminder, the following was the notice from Skagit County of the modified burn ban that went into effect on July 24th, 2020


Burn Ban takes effect July 24 for all of Skagit County 

A modified burn ban for all residential and land clearing fires in unincorporated Skagit County will go into effect at noon Friday, July 24, and continue until further notice. Skagit County will no longer issue permits for these activities and existing permits are suspended.
Recreational and cooking fires, limited to 3 feet in diameter and two feet high remain allowed within enclosures and when safety precautions are followed. Recreational or cooking fires can consist only of charcoal, seasoned firewood or propane-fueled firepits and must meet the following requirements:

  • Enclosures must be AT LEAST 14 inches high, no wider than 3 feet, and made of cement blocks, stones or #10 gauge steel
  • Burned material must be kept BELOW the top of the enclosure
  • ALWAYS have a charged garden hose OR two 5-gallon buckets of water OR a 5-gallon Class A fire extinguisher and shovel present
  • Fires MUST BE 15 feet from combustibles, standing timber or overhanging tree branches
  • Someone 16 years old or older must ALWAYS be present to monitor and/or extinguish the fire

If you are within the city limits of any of the incorporated cities or towns, check with your city fire department for current burning restrictions.
This ban does not pertain to agricultural burning permitted through the Northwest Clean Air Agency or silvicultural burning permitted through Washington State Department of Natural Resources.  For information on active permits, contact those agencies directly.
If you have any questions about open burning in Skagit County please contact the Skagit County Fire Marshal’s Office at 360-416-1840, or our website at

Douglas “Doc” Risedorf

(1955 – 2020)


Dear friends and neighbors of Lake Tyee,

I’m deeply saddened to inform you that last night, our friend, my friend, and a longtime coworker Douglas (Doc) Risedorf, passed away (1955 – 2020).

Small in stature but a giant in personality, Doc was a staple of Lake Tyee. He came to the park in 2002 and began working here in 2011. When I first met him, he introduced himself as Doc “Mr. Tyee”. I laughed then and he made me laugh time and again, yet I came to understand that he really was kind of Mr. Tyee. He loved Tyee, he loved the people and he loved the plants. His greatest joy was seeing the kids play at the pools and playgrounds and his greatest pride was the landscaping here at the lake.

His legacy at the lake will live on as we all enjoy the countless trees and flowers he planted and the rules he helped to in-grain in all of us to keep us from being hurt. Doc made an impact on the lives of so many, he lived to help others and protect them. He was quick to offer either his help or anything he had, to someone he felt might need it. He would even help you figure out what really happens at area 51 if you had the time.

Extremely loyal, giving, caring and a true friend would be the way I would describe Doc. I / we will miss him terribly.

May he rest in peace.

Scott Curdie


12 June 2020
We have experienced an extremely sad event here at the lake. Last Tuesday evening (09 June 2020), a trailer within the park caught fire and a life was lost. The cause of the fire is listed as undetermined.
Our deepest condolences go out to the family and our thoughts are with them during this tragic time.
We would like to express our gratitude for all the professionals who responded and handled this terrible incident as well as the community members who helped.
The Fire Marshall suggested we send out a statement urging everyone to take a few minutes to think about their own safety.
Two of the most important safety features in a recreational unit are the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These are early warning systems for serious life-threatening issues.
Many older units either don’t have detectors installed or those that do may be unreliable, even new units, may have faulty detectors or dead batteries. Smoke detectors should be upgraded to new at least every 10 years and carbon dioxide detectors should be replaced every 5 years. Smoke detectors should be located on the ceiling and carbon monoxide detectors should be located about knee height.
Along with ensuring you have both smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, it’s important to verify they work correctly. First, they need to stay clean. Dust, spider webs, etc. can cause them to either not sound or to give false alarms. Use a vacuum to clean out the dust and any cobwebs, regularly. Next, the batteries need to be changed at least once a year. And most important, push the “test” button regularly to ensure they work.
The smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be checked as soon as you get to your unit each trip to the lake. Put new batteries in the first trip to the lake each year. If you’re here for an extended visit, then set a reminder to check them once a month.
Trailers, campers and park models, are all designed for recreational use and as such, aren’t used all the time. Spiders, pine needles and all sorts of other things seem to find their way into vents, intakes, exhausts, pilot lights, etc. An inspection of your unit when you first get to the lake is well worth the few minutes it will take to help protect you and your family.
There are no words to adequately express our feelings. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy, the grief a family is having to endure and the loss of a member of our community.
Be safe,
Lake Tyee Management

June 2020
Wow… Can you believe that it’s already June? What a crazy year so far, lets hope things settle down and get back to normal soon.
We have all heard plenty about coronavirus, but I’ll just touch on a couple things you should know if you’re considering a trip to the lake.
Washington state “Safe Start Plan” began on the 1st of June as guidance to returning to normal from the COVID-19 pandemic. There are four phases to the plan. Each phase is a minimum of three weeks and has a set of goals for counties to meet to be eligible for the next phase. Each phase reduces the restrictions in place until we return to normal. Skagit county, which we are part of, is currently at stage 1 as of the 1st of June.
Here at the lake, most amenities are still closed, playgrounds, pools, hot tubs, ballroom, pavilions etc. The comfort stations are open (except for #13 and #14 due to some vandalism). The office is taking calls and walk-ins are limited to one family inside at a time, staying behind the blue line on the floor. The laundry room is also open. Basically, the necessities are the only things open.
We have gotten several questions about opening the pools. At this time, based on the restrictions we would need to be in at least phase 4 before we might have the ability to meet the guidelines.
We will evaluate the restrictions as we near each new phase to see what might be opened and base our decisions on the state’s guidelines.
If you come to the lake please make every attempt to practice good social distancing rules and if you think you might be sick, please, stay home.
On to other things here…
– Remember that June 19th is the deadline for Board candidate applications, want some fun – run!
– Lot owners meeting for June 20th is cancelled due to COVID-19
– Laundry room – Lake Tyee owns the large dryer and a service company owns the two washers and the other two dryers. One of their washers broke but they have replaced it. Our dryer after many years of faithful service has dried its last load. It is broken and beyond fixing. The good news is, we have purchased another to take its place. The bad news is it won’t be installed until late June.
I’ve been asked to discuss a couple of “pet peeves”…
Keeping pets on a leash and picking up after our pets.
We all know these are the rules, actually these rules exist most places you go yet, we still have people that don’t keep their pets on a leash and people that don’t pick up after their animals.
The leash rule – At Lake Tyee your pet must be on a leash and under your control anytime it is off your personal property.
Your dog may be the friendliest, the best behaved, the most loveable, but it’s still an animal with instincts and natural curiosity and someone else’s dog on a leash may not be as well trained as yours. The two will want to meet and chaos can happen. It’s very distressing for someone with a less social dog on a leash, out for a walk to encounter a loose dog. There’s no telling how a meeting may turn out.
A dog off leash isn’t under its owner’s control. It can run in front of a car, it may decide to chase another animal, it may want to check out a child (which often frightens the child) or jump up on an elderly person.
Allowing your dog to run around off leash also leads to you being unaware when the dog makes a mess.
Speaking of messes –
First, not cleaning up your animal’s waste is a violation of Lake Tyee rules and regulations. It’s basic common courtesy. No one enjoys stepping in, seeing, or smelling dog waste.
There are a lot of misconceptions about dog waste. Some people are of the belief that it’s just animal waste like any other out in nature, but that’s not the case.
Dog waste is extremely high in nitrogen and phosphorus which cause all kinds of problems in a watershed. It is very bad for our lake and harms the fish.
Dog waste is full of disease-causing bacteria and parasites that are harmful to humans and can spread disease to other dogs. A dog’s waste can take as long as a year to break down and the bacteria and parasites can stay in the soil for years after that.
Please be a responsible pet owner, keep your dog on a leash when off your property and clean up after your pet…your neighbors will all be grateful.

May 2020
20 May 2020
Lake Tyee members,
I hope this letter finds you happy and well!
I’m writing today with a few announcements from the Lake and some general information.
Due to COVID-19 and the impact it has had on all of our lives, the decision has been made to delay the AGM this year until Saturday July 18, 2020. Hopefully, the border will once again be open, and more lot owners will be able to attend.
This letter is a call for Board Member candidates. This year, we have 2 Board positions up for election. Attached to this email is a “Board Candidate Form” (also available at the office) for anyone interested in running. To be eligible you need to be a lot owner for a minimum of two years by the date of the Annual General Meeting and be a Member in good standing. Applications need to be submitted to the office no later than close of business Friday, June 19, 2020 to be considered.
Attending lot owner’s meetings (once we can hold them again), and/or becoming a Board member are opportunities to get involved, make adifference and help with shaping the direction of our beautiful park. If you have an interest in participating, we would love to hear from you.
General Information:
We are continuing to follow the guidance provided by Governor Inslee’s office for restrictions due to COVID-19. Based on that guidance our amenities are still closed and we do not have information as to when they may open. Lots are accessible, some comfort stations are open, and the lake is available to be used but pools, playgrounds, clubhouse, etc. remain closed. Skagit County is at phase 1 of the Safe Start Plan for the State of WA and not currently eligible for a variance to allow them to move to phase 2. Each
phase is required to last a minimum of 3 weeks. Our plans are to open amenities as the Safe Start Plan allows and as we can support their recommendations.
The number of people here at the lake at this time of year is far lower than would be the case on a normal year but with warmer weather, we are seeing an increase in owners and guests venturing up to the Lake. I would like to take this opportunity to review the policy for guests.
– A guest is anyone other than an Association member, 16 years or older.
– All guests must be registered with the Lake Tyee Office by a Lake Tyee member / owner.
– Only members in good standing may register a guest.
– Members may register guests online or in-person at the office.
– The authorized vehicle Guest Pass must be signed by member and visitor and visible on the dashboard of the vehicle.
– Family members and/or frequent guests may be registered for secondary access keys and issued a parking pass. These keys are only valid for the vehicle identified on the registration form.
-The lot owner/member assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions and behavior of their guests.
– A maximum of 10 people per lot (owners, guests and children under 16) are permitted to be accommodated overnight. Larger groups may be accommodated if pre-approved by the Manager or Assistant Manager.
-Members may host their visitors on their lot for 6 days per visit. The Manager or Assistant Manager may approve a second guest pass for an additional 6-day stay. Please, check with the office for availability.
– A visitor RV will be allowed for up to 3 days per month. The visitor RV must be located within the boundaries of your lot and have a valid Guest Pass in the window.
– 2 tents or 1 tent trailer are allowed on a lot. They must be within the boundaries of the lot and cannot remain on the lot for more than 3 days per month.
– Additional days for secondary accommodation on a lot may be permitted if pre-approved by Manager or Assistant Manager.
Your help in following the guest policy is appreciated and it also helps keep the park at it’s best for all to enjoy.
We have completed the new electrical at the Boom and the number of available sites has been reduced from 6 to 4. These are rental sites for your guests, they include power and water hookups but do not have sewer connections. Please contact the office for availability and prices.
Once again, boats may be stored in the designated storage areas at the lake. And last but not least, tarp season has officially ended. All tarps need to be removed (provided you are at the lake; we will not ask anyone to come here just to remove a tarp during COVID-19 times). Please remember that “blue” tarps are never allowed.
Scott Curdie
Lake Tyee General Manager
Phone: (360) 853-7020

On Monday 18 May 2020, there will be a park wide power outage to allow the electricians to connect the Boom area and Ladner Lane areas to the new power. The outage will begin at 10:00 AM and is expected to be no longer than one hour.
Thank you

Just a few locals practicing social distancing;

You stay inside…I’ll stay out here and we’ll get along just fine.

A picnic for one…

Marion the marmot getting a bit of outdoor exercise, we’ll call this a “plank”

This table is taken, move along and find your own…

Hanging out by myself.

Taking turns at the feeder

I’ll eat my dinner over here…

Keeping it just to the family.
Social distancing is a great example of how important individual contributions are to a group effort.
Social distancing isn’t always easy, but it’s keeping us safe.
Stay healthy!

April 2020


25 April 2020

I hope each of you and your loved ones are well. Currently at the lake it’s very quiet. Many of our friends haven’t been able to come and those that have are mostly staying to themselves, following the social distancing rules. It all seems so strange. We hope the tremendous effort and sacrifice so many have and are making, will allow this virus to become manageable and that someday soon the restrictions will begin to ease.
We are continually reviewing our response to the COVID-19 rules, regulations and recommendations from the Federal, State and County government authorities and are making slight adjustments as things change, we learn more or we recognize something we may have overlooked. So far, our efforts appear to be working and we are very fortunate to not have any known cases appear at Lake Tyee community.
A recent change we have made is to unlock the front doors of the clubhouse. The AED is in the hallway of the clubhouse and having the front doors unlocked keeps this available if needed. The front doors still require use of a key card but not the actual key to the door.
With the clubhouse doors useable again it opens up the book exchange and the older bathrooms inside the clubhouse. The ballroom, kitchen and change rooms are all still locked as are the rear entrance doors.
If you do enter the clubhouse, remember to keep proper social distance from anyone else that may enter.
Stay well…
Scott Curdie
Lake Tyee General Manager

Message from Lake Tyee Board of Directors

April 21, 2020
Dear Lake Tyee Lot Owners,
We hope all is well with you and yours during these extraordinary times in our world history. We look forward to the coming days when you, your family and guests can return to Lake Tyee to relax, unwind and enjoy this incredible treasure we all appreciate so much.
Lorri Pfluger has been the Lake Tyee General Manager for nearly a decade. During Lorri’s tenure as our Manager, she worked closely with the Board to plan and implement some of the most significant improvements in Lake Tyee history while also building and restoring the relationship between the Manager’s office and the owners. Lorri took on the challenge of revamping the office operations, updating policies, training and supervising employees and so much more. Lorri has always worked hard and put in long hours during her tenure as our Manager. During our ambitious and complex upgrade to the Lake Tyee electrical system, Lorri’s research and oversight were invaluable. She has established and fostered relationships with vendors, contractors and government officials that will continue to benefit our owners for years to come. We are incredibly grateful to her for her service to our community and watching over the operations and upgrades at Lake Tyee.
Scott Curdie, one of our fellow Lake Tyee owners, came on-board months ago to take on the role as head of security for Lake Tyee. In his brief time in that role, Scott has developed plans and strategies to enhance and modify our existing security protocols and presented some excellent ideas moving forward. Lorri and the staff have shared with all of us how impressed they have been with Scott’s approach and professionalism since he took office.
For some time now, Lorri has been pondering stepping aside from her position as General Manager of Lake Tyee if we could find an excellent candidate. Lorri has been impressed with not only how well Scott jumped into the role as head of security but how he has immersed himself in learning all aspects of management here at Lake Tyee. Lorri recommended that we hire Scott Curdie as our new General Manager.
The Lake Tyee Board of Directors offered, and Scott Curdie has accepted, the position as General Manager for Lake Tyee.
Scott and his wife Joli share the same passion and love for our very special, one-of-a-kind place we have here at Lake Tyee. Scott’s successful careers and affiliations over the years in manufacturing, planning, budgeting, personnel management, project management and more make him a terrific person for the job. We are very fortunate to have him step in to manage the many exciting and challenging times ahead for Lake Tyee.
Scott becomes General Manager effective immediately. Lorri Pfluger is now the Assistant Manager and is providing transition training and orientation for Scott, overseeing the bookkeeping process and office management duties.
Thank you Lorri!
Welcome Scott!

April 2020


April is here, spring is here and so is a global crisis.

We all are anxious for this unsettling time to be over, for everyone we know to be okay, to be healthy and be happy. With each of us doing our part and a bit of luck, hopefully, that time will come soon.

We have seen a few questions on social media as to what the status of the park is so, we wanted to take this opportunity to give you the latest.

The park is considered to be in a shut-down state of operation, yet still accessible to owners. However, we are not encouraging anyone to come here. It’s not that we wouldn’t love to see everyone enjoying themselves, here at the lake again, because we would, it’s that we take Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order seriously and we agree with it. These are recreational units here, not people’s homes. Since it is not a suburb of a city, we don’t have the resources within the local community for a large influx of people here all the time. Local stores don’t carry supplies for that kind of demand, medical resources are available but at a distance and are only staffed for normal volumes of people. Here at the park if we experienced really high usage, resources such as septic, water and power may be strained as well as the need for additional staff to maintain the park and deal with emergencies. Not having the resources needed for high volume could result in many more issues. So, we encourage people to do just as the Governor has ordered and please stay at your homes, let this virus pass and then we can all settle back into our normal way of life (back to a time when we could actually look at a roll of toilet paper, a bottle of hand sanitizer or a package of Clorox wipes without thinking we just struck gold). Your neighborhood, your home, are much better suited to take care of the needs of residents, we are equipped to take care of people on vacation.

The gates are operating and lot owners can access their lots. The amenities are closed (clubhouse, pools, spas, playgrounds, office, most comfort stations etc.). Comfort stations 2, 6, 10 and 13 are open.

Maintenance crews are continuing to work, monitoring and maintaining the park along with responding to emergency repairs of utilities. Security has increased patrols and is overseeing the park. Multiple neighborhood volunteers are also watching the park for any suspicious activity. Office personnel are answering phones (360) 853-7020 for questions and to accept payments from 10AM to 2PM Tue – Sat. Payments may also be mailed to:

Lake Tyee

4571 Burpee Hill Road

Concrete, WA 98237

You may also drop an envelope through the mail slot on the office front door.

We have been following and will continue to follow the direction and guidance given to us by the United States Government and the State of Washington. If conditions change we will notify owners of those changes that may affect them.

On to other news…

  • Billing – Reminder that April statements will include the first quarterly billing for electrical service 20 Dec 2019 through 20 Mar 2020. Dues continue to be billed each month. Electricity will be every three months.
  • Dumpsters – During this slow time we have reduced the dumpsters down to one at each location. We have also moved the location for the upper park dumpsters from the 3B Basin Park to the road at lost lake along Kachess Trail. In addition, we have added motion sensitive lights at each dumpster location along with new signage.The new signs identify other facilities where you may dispose of items that can’t be thrown out in the dumpsters. The signs give the websites for the facilities so you can get hours of operation, addresses, etc.

  • Boat storage – April is typically the time that boat storage at the lake becomes a discussion. Our “Rules and Regulations” spells out that boats may be stored in designated locations at the lake from 29 April until 15 Oct each year. Boats may only be stored in designated areas and must be marked with the owner’s lot number clearly visible.

To help make this a simple, easy to follow rule we have created five locations on the South side of the lake for boat storage. Each area has been identified with signs indicating boat storage is allowed and identifies storage is only allowed 29 April – 15 Oct. In addition to the signs, we have installed cables along the ground (they are painted yellow) for locking your boats. (You will need to provide your own chain and lock).

The five areas for boat storage are:

  1. Two rows of storage in the grassy area to the West of the boat ramp
  2. One row of Storage on the East side of Lost Creek (next to the parking area, up to the new beach)
  3. One row of storage along the shoreline on the East side of the new beach to the large tree
  4. One row of storage on the East end of the lake along the shoreline going west from the parking lot and small beach area.

The date for storing boats at the lake has been questioned, argued and debated many times. The reason for the dates being what they are is lake levels and maintenance. The dates were established as times that the lake is normally at a level allowing access to these areas. During both spring and fall the lake level is dependent on weather, in spring it is typically very high and again it can rise with the fall rains. In spring, maintenance is trying to get the park ready for the rush of people we typically have at that time of year. This includes things such as clearing brush, mowing, setting out picnic tables, etc. All of this when lake levels are high can be difficult and adding boats to work around makes it all the more problematic. In fall, again maintenance is trying to prepare the park for the winter months and need access those areas.

Please remember that the designated areas are the only places along the lake that overnight boat storage is allowed. Boats are not allowed to be stored overnight on beaches, in greenbelt, moored in the water or pulled up to shore in front of an owner’s lot. Additionally, flotation devices may not be left in the water overnight either.

Security will be enforcing these rules. Boats left overnight outside of designated storage areas or outside of the approved dates will be collected and fines will be charged. This would be an undesirable event for both the owner and us, so please ensure your boats are stored only during the designated time and in the approved locations.

Thank you all for your support, understanding and patience,

Stay Healthy!

Lake Tyee Management

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March 2020

28 Mar 2020


We hope your day is going well!

We just wanted to send out a reminder that your April statements will include the first quarterly billing charge for electrical service. This charge will be for electricity used from Dec 20th 2019 through Mar 20th 2020.

Additionally, our electrical contractors will need to shut power off to the park twice on Monday 30 Mar 2020, for approximately 15 minutes each time. There will be one outage in the morning and the second should be mid-afternoon.

Stay well,

Lake Tyee Management

25 Mar 2020

Dear lot owners,
The Governor of Washington has ordered a statewide order to “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” for a minimum of two weeks.
Here at Lake Tyee we plan to do everything possible to ensure our staff’s health and safety. We also plan to maintain the infrastructure and protect the property.
Effective immediately, Lake Tyee recreational community is closed. The office, clubhouse, pools, spas, playgrounds and gazebos are all closed.
The order requires people to stay home. For the health of everyone, we highly discourage people from coming to the park during this time. We are also discouraging any activities at the park that may require services of our staff, they are trying to protect the park yet avoid having any interaction with others so they can protect themselves as well. We do encourage checking on neighbors by text, phone calls, emails or long-distance conversations.
Management representatives will be onsite and available through email ( or during this closure.
Payments may be made by phone during the hours of 10 AM – 2 PM (Tuesday – Saturday) while the “Stay Home” order is in place. Checks may be dropped off through the mail slot on the office door.
We do have some people remaining in the park throughout this crisis and so, for now, two comfort stations in the lower portion of the park (#2 and #6 ) and two comfort stations in the upper park (#10 and #13) will remain open.
All three gates will remain active, for now.
Maintenance will continue to monitor the water systems, septic and power throughout this time. They will maintain the open comfort stations and they will be on call for any utility related emergency.
Security throughout the park is a priority and will be maintained. Extended hours and additional patrols have been added. Serious incidents will be reported through 911 or calls to the sheriff. Lake Tyee violation issues will be documented and dealt with according to our procedures.
As the conditions change, so might our response but for now this is our plan forward.
We sincerely hope following the Governors orders will help this crisis pass quickly.
Thank you all for your support during a very difficult time. As conditions change we will send out additional notifications.
Stay Home, Stay Safe…The Governor couldn’t have said it any better.
Here’s to the day the threat of this virus ends, life goes back to normal and we can enjoy our time at the Lake.
Lake Tyee Management

20 Mar 2020

Lake Tyee and Corronavirus status update

Dear friends and neighbors,
Hopefully, this note finds each of you and your families well.
The spread of COVID-19 has impacted each of our lives in many ways. Here at Lake Tyee, during this unsettled time, we are striving to continually balance the implementation of appropriate precautions for our lot owners and staff’s health with the least impact on the lot owners, families and friends.
We’re sending out this note to provide an update on the current status at the lake and answer some questions we’ve received lately.
– Effective today, Friday, 20 Mar 2020, we are closing the spas and the entire clubhouse until further notice.
– The park is open, yet we encourage “social distancing” if you come to the lake.
– The comfort stations are remaining open for use, for now.
– The office is remaining open for business during normal operating hours, for now. Signs are posted at the office to please practice social distancing.
– No staff have been laid off, they are busy working through numerous work orders, standard maintenance of the park, security patrols, etc. They are ensuring the park will be ready for everyone to enjoy once this virus passes and life returns to normal.
– Security has actively been patrolling the park. We have increased the number of patrols being made. The maintenance staff is also helping to keep a watchful eye in their travels.
– We are encouraging neighborhood watch efforts. For those that are here, please help watch over your neighbor’s places. For those that are away, contact your friends and ask them to check on your place when they visit. Report anything unusual to the office and we will check it out as well.
– We are putting together a list of staff that are willing to provide some lawncare services privately. If you are looking for someone to hire to take care of your lawn while you are away contact the office (360) 853-7020 or email me at provide us with your contact information and any preferences you may have on who you would like to do the work and we will have one of the providers contact you to discuss what needs to be done and what they would charge.
– We have received questions regarding the financial obligations of lot owners while the pandemic is ongoing. The financial obligations are not changing, dues are continuing monthly, and electrical charges are still being calculated quarterly. Financially, we are continuing business as usual. However, in cases of true hardship, we encourage you to contact the office and discuss your situation.
We are encouraged by the helpful, supportive responses we have witnessed during this crisis. It’s unprecedented in our lifetimes and it’s been amazing to see the way people can come together for the good of all.
Our best wishes for all of you
Lake Tyee Management


Lake Tyee Event Cancellations

14 Mar 2020

Dear lot owners,

In keeping with the CDC’s recommendations for responding to the coronavirus, we are cancelling the lot owners meetings until further notice.

Sadly, we are also cancelling the Easter egg hunt and the Jam night both previously scheduled for April 2nd. We hope to re-schedule these events at a later date when this pandemic is over.

Again a reminder, the Clubhouse Ballroom is closed until further notice and the Fireman’s Ball is also cancelled.

Thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding. We understand that these decisions are disappointing, but hopefully, they help keep our friends and family safe.

All our best to each and every one of you…


13 Mar 2020

Coronavirus and Lake Tyee

Dear lot owners,

We hope this letter finds each of you and your families well.

The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) is a serious concern for all and we want to ensure each of you that here at the lake, our lot owners, guests and staff’s health and safety is our first priority.

We are staying abreast of the latest recommendations issued by the CDC and the State of Washington. We are watching for any signs of illness amongst staff and are recommending they stay home if any symptoms develop.

Large group events will likely be postponed until this issue is behind us. Currently, we are closing the clubhouse ballroom until further notice, we have cancelled the Fireman’s Ball which was scheduled for the 21st. We are reviewing each activity as it arises and making decisions based on the available information at the time. We will send out notices as things change.

To date, we do not have any indications of coronavirus affecting anyone here at Lake Tyee. We realize this could change at any time and so we are stressing prevention measures wherever possible.

We hope to make the impact of this unsettling time as minimal as possible for our community but we will take whatever measures needed to help prevent the spread of this illness and protect our friends and neighbors.

We appreciate everyone’s support over the minor inconveniences we may need to endure until this passes. We will continue to update any changes to plans, accessibility to amenities or anything else of importance through emails, our website ( and Facebook (Lake Tyee HOA).

Thank you all and stay well…


Lake Tyee Management and staff

March 2020

Ahh March…a time for new beginnings, the arrival of Spring, March madness, St. Patrick’s Day and don’t forget Daylight Savings time!

Springtime is a wonderful time at the lake, the weather starts to improve, the trees and flowers start to blossom and folks start to get their places ready for the summer.

As people start spring cleaning of their units and lots we get many questions about disposing debris, garbage, building materials, etc. So, we thought a reminder of the rules and a few suggestions of resources may be helpful.

Cleaning up the natural debris (branches, bushes, sticks, leaves) is encouraged, but moving the debris and leaving it in the roads or common areas is not allowed. Please collect the debris and haul it to the pit on the Northeast side of the lake at the end of Lake Tyee Drive. You will need a key to access the pit which you can sign out at the office during normal office hours.

Our permit, which allows us to burn the debris at the pit, expressly prohibits anything other than natural debris. We cannot take construction material, furniture, household garbage or anything else at the pit. The presence of anything in the piles other than natural debris may result in the loss of our burning privileges and possible fines. The pit is very convenient for disposing of all the tree debris that all of us find showered on our lots. It saves us from having to haul it to the dump and paying fees to dispose of it. Please help us maintain this privilege by using the pit only for approved natural debris.

Regular household trash may be placed in the dumpsters. Only household garbage is allowed, no construction material, furniture, mattresses, propane bottles, etc. We have dumpsters located across from the clubhouse by the main gate, in the Meadow and in the upper park on Kachess Trail across from the playground. These dumpsters see heavy use throughout the busier season and we increase the number of dumpsters at each site as the season requires. The cost for this service is high (check out this years budget) so please help us keep the costs down by flattening boxes and taking larger loads to the dump sites. We have looked at offering recycling here at the lake but the added cost to our garbage service has made this unlikely. However, if you would like to recycle, and we highly encourage that, Skagit county does offer recycling at their facilities for free.

We realize that there are times that people need to get rid of items other than what is allowed in the dumpsters and the pit. For those items we have the following suggestions:

Skagit County Recycling and Transfer Station
14104 Ovenell Road, Mount Vernon
(360) 416-1570
8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Everyday
Closed: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Sauk Recycling & Transfer Station
(No large loads of construction debris. Small amounts may be accepted. )
50796 State Route 20, Concrete
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Closed: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Clear Lake Recycling & Compactor Site
(No construction debris or large items accepted. Household garbage only.)
23202 Howey Road, Clear Lake
8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Closed: New Year’s Day, President’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day

Sedro Woolley Recycling Facility – 315 Sterling Street, Sedro Woolley, WA (22.4 miles)

Open 7 AM – 2 PM Mon – Fri

From their website:

Newspaper, cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum, metal, glass all colors, and tin cans, motor oil, vehicle batteries, household batteries and old printing cartridges from your printer. We also accept packaging materials: Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. When recycling appliances and tires at our site you will have to pay a fee, please call ahead for price of disposal.

ELECTRONIC WASTE: The City Recycling Center is an Authorized Collection Site for most electronics such as televisions, computer monitors, computers and many other types of electronics.

The City Recycling Center is now an Authorized Collection Site for Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFL), High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps and Fluorescent Tubes.

We hope this year that we can keep the park clean, keep the pit free of anything other than natural brush and tree debris and keep prohibited items out of the dumpsters without causing undue hardship to our lot owners. Managing the garbage for 800 plus lots is time consuming and expensive. By each of us being mindful of the rules we can hopefully minimize the cost (none of us want our dues to go up to pay for garbage).

Here’s an idea…why not have a block cleanup party? We all have neighbors that might appreciate a helping hand, and combining loads makes a dump run a bit more cost effective.


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February 2020

20 Feb 2020

Dear Lake Tyee Owners,

On Friday February 21st,  The entire Park will experience two short temporary power outages. Crews will shutdown power down to the entire park at 9:00am and again around 4:00pm for 10 to 15 minutes.

The power shut down is needed to disconnect an Electrical Distribution Panel in Division 1B for repair and replacement. The  Distribution Panel received  damaged in the recent wind storms and must be replaced with a new panel. Power will be down in the entire park for a short time at 9:00am and again at 4:00pm to allow for the panel to disconnected and reconnected. Power will go down at 9:00am to begin repairs, and then again, at 4:00pm to reconnect the panel after repairs are completed.

We thank you in advance for your patience!

~Lake Tyee Management

20 February 2020

Hey Lake Tyee Owners,


Just a reminder from Walter and Friends about the upcoming Mardi Gras Celebration at the Clubhouse this Saturday night! The fun starts at 5:00pm. Remember,it is Pot Luck, so bring your favorite Mardi Gras dish  – The social committee will have hurricane set ups to pare with your chosen spirit~

14 February 2020

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope each of you has a wonderful time and what better place to enjoy the day than at the lake.

This morning, the weather here is a bit grey and wet with rain in the forecast through the weekend (some snow is possible Sunday). We’ve had a skiff of snow last night but it’s disappearing quickly. Roads in and around the park are all currently clear and without issue.

Sierra Pacific has begun select logging in the area on the South side of the back gate and behind Division 3C. The logging roads are all located on Burpee Hill Road so expect to encounter logging trucks along this route. The property line is not as close to Lake Tyee property as it was near Division 2D so, there will likely be some barrier trees remaining when they’re done.

This time of year it’s always good to be prepared for anything the weather may throw at us if you’re traveling to the park or staying here.

Along with rain and snow possibilities we occasionally have wind events in and around the park. The ground is saturated and when the winds pick up, it’s not uncommon for trees to fall, branches break and other tree debris blows throughout the park. In an effort to prevent problems, the park continually works at identifying and removing trees in greenspace areas that pose a danger to properties (owners are responsible for trees on their lots). Additionally, in the event of a storm, crews clean the debris off roads and walkways in the park as quickly as possible.

These same hazards exist on the roads coming and going from the park. Both Baker Lake Road and Burpee Hill Road are mountainous roads with numerous twists and turns. These roads may become very slick in the rain and snow or even impassable at times. Trees and branches down may also cause a wide range of trouble including, roads blocked, debris in the road or damaged power lines (generally the cause of power outages within our park). County crews take care of these roads, plowing snow and clearing tree debris as quick as possible. We benefit from Baker Dam being up the road from us since they prioritize access to the dam.

Being prepared is the key. At the lake, it’s good to have backup power.

Generators for power during an outage are wonderful for keeping life fairly normal. Common issues we hear though are, not having the right connections for the generator or unable to get the generator to start. It pays to spend some time during the nicer weather ensuring you know how to connect the generator to your unit, perform regular maintenance and to start it regularly. Performing these tasks will benefit you greatly during the times it’s actually needed.

For traveling to and from the park during the stormy seasons we recommend snow tires with chains available as needed. It’s also wise to carry normal emergency preparedness items such as blankets, flares, snacks, water, etc. Some tools that may come in handy would include a shovel and a chainsaw.

Hopefully you never need to use any of these items but if you do you’ll be glad you have them.

Have a terrific day and we hope to see you soon…

Saturday 08 Feb 2020

Wonderful news! Power has been restored to the park and we are once again back to normal. A big thank you goes out to the terrific PSE crews that worked to restore the power after the last big wind storm. Hopefully, the weather will now give us a break for awhile. Some sunshine and no winds would be very welcome…

Wednesday 05 Feb 2020

Notice – Partial power outage

Dear Lake Tyee Owners,

We’ve been notified by PSE of power outage affecting the Park. The PSE Outage map is showing affected areas as: Maintenance Yard, Lands West Office, Lake Tyee Office, Clubhouse and Divisions 1A, 1B and areas of Division 2C. PSE has crews out working on the issue. The estimated restoration time is posted for this morning by 8:30am.

Lake Tyee Management

Sunday 02 Feb 2020


The power has been restored to the park, we’re getting a light snow (it’s not supposed to last into the daylight) and it’s SUPERBOWL SUNDAY!

February 2020

A few items to highlight as we begin a new month;

  •   Electrical Charges will now be billed quarterly, so you will receive electrical charges on April’s statement. We ask that you bear with us and please don’t panic! Dues Statements will go out each month, but electrical charges will be billed in April, August and December. Collecting data from electrical meters here at the Lake is very “old school”. Staff can spend as many as 28 to 40 hours each month, reading meters. You can send estimated funds with dues payment to cover your estimated power use. For those owners with history of higher power charges, please make note.

Sierra Pacific Forester has contacted us making us aware of  a Log Harvest that will start soon near the Park. The operation will be near the Back Gate and Division 3C. The Sierra Pacific property line is not so close to Lake Tyee as previous harvest near 2D. The Forester informed us that crews will be select logging and that all Log Truck access roads are on Burpee Hill. We soon will be hearing machinery and saws, and will see Log Trucks regularly on Burpee Hill.

  • The clubhouse is open every Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM until 5 PM. Come enjoy pool, ping pong, foosball, watch sports or just hang out. Sunday, February 2nd, the clubhouse will stay open until after the Superbowl ends. No official party is scheduled but feel free to come down and support your team.
  • Social Committee is holding a Mardi Gras Potluck event in the Clubhouse on February 22nd, at 5 PM with Walter (new SC Member) and friends…. Mark it on your calendars now.
  • A new Trail Signs Newsletter has been published and emailed out. You can also find a copy on this website in the “Members Resources” section.
  • Be sure to “Follow” us on Facebook at “Lake Tyee HOA


January 2020

28 Jan 2020


Sunday, 2 Feb 2020 the clubhouse hours will be extended to be open  throughout the Super Bowl. No organized party is scheduled but the game will be showing. Come and enjoy the game.

Saturday 25 Jan 2020

The rain and the plows have done a terrific job at clearing up the roads. So, the next question is, how are the hiking trails?

Yesterday, the Lake Trail still had snow, slush and puddles. Where there is snow, it isn’t deep, just an inch or two in most areas, but it can be slippery. With all the rain, the normal areas of the trail that collect water are once again puddles but nothing that you can’t walk through or around. Once you get to the road at the pit it’s all clear again.

It’s fun to watch the tracks to see what else is using the trail, I saw a few deer tracks and it appears the Lake Trail is a super highway for the raccoons.

The views make it such a nice walk.

It’s hard to believe less than two weeks ago everything looked like this…

I also hiked Trail one yesterday (sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of it). The only snow on the trail is right at the start of the lower section and it’s pretty thin. The trail is steep and wet so it can be slippery.


Thursday 23 Jan 2020

Kla-ta-wa hill has been re-opened for use. The road is clear and should remain usable for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday 22 Jan 2020

Good morning Lake Tyee Owners,

It is currently raining with a temperature 43/6. The snow is slowly melting, and the gravel is beginning to appear on the roads throughout the park. We still have 8 plus inches of snow on the ground, and berms along sides of roads and on properties. Kla ta wa Hill is still slushy. Maintenance staff will plow the hill several times today. The hill will be open by 4:00pm today. Weather forecasts are showing rain for the next week or so with temperatures with highs of 46/8 and lows of 39/4. so we are hoping the snow will continue to melt, but we are still in January, so anything is possible. We will keep you posted!

Thanks again to those of you who were here on Saturday for the meeting, also thanks to those who couldn’t make it due to the snow, but e-mailed questions/requests prior to the meeting, your participation is appreciated!

The 2nd Annual Lumber Jack New Year’s Dance was a big hit! The event had over 150 in attendance. Everyone danced the night away, bringing in the New Year with Douglas Crossing Band! Thanks to everyone who planned, volunteered, created and decorated! Go to to see photos from the event. The next scheduled event on Social Committee Calendar is Easter and volunteers are needed…

Lake Levels have been monitored closely this season. Grounds and Maintenance Committee Volunteers have developed a plan for water flows to avoid drastic fluctuations in the water levels in the outlet. Great job! In spite of the heavy rains, levels have been high, yet stable and we have experienced no flooding near the Laundry facility.

The Clubhouse roof was reported leaking during New Years. Lake Tyee staff harnessed up and repaired several slips, gaps and shifts in the metal and all is good! No further leaks have been reported in the Ballroom or entry way.

We’ve gone out to bid for Danger Tree work. We hope to have a contractor to begin work soon on many Danger Trees in the Park.

Secondary Electrical upgrade project is in the final phases, yet our priority stays on infrastructure, with Septic and Water System being the primary focus for the upcoming year. To date, 106 Septic tanks have been located and inspected in the Park. Locating tanks will be a priority for 2020. Assessment of the Water System is a priority also. We’ve published a “notice for bid” for our Water System and received several Statements of Qualification from local Engineering Companies.

Reserve Projects for 2020 include:

Clubhouse Shower Room Renovation
Pool Plumbing Repair
Pool Pumps/Filter Replacement
Office Generator Installation
Vehicle Replacements
Small Mower Replacement
Seal Coat for Asphalt
Road Refurbish/Gravel
Comfort Station Renovation
Building Exterior Maintenance
Water Tank Study

The Clubhouse Ballroom will be open from 10am-5pm on beginning on January 25th! We will have it open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s for the rest of the winter. The Ballroom will not be monitored continually, but we will have staff popping in periodically to check on what’s happening. Owners will be welcome to go in for Ping Pong, Air Hockey and Foos Ball. We are encouraging families to create a “Clubhouse Fun Bag”… Fill it with Playing Cards, Ping Pong Balls, Coloring Books and Crayons. Also, bring a Board Game to play or enjoy the sports playing on the TV.  We will have a few tables set up and the heat on! Children age of 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Social Committee volunteers are working on some fun events for you all soon. When we have all the details, we will be making announcements… Are you interested in planning an Event for Lake Tyee members? If you’re interested, contact Joelle Milholm at

Remember to register in the Members Section on and also “Like” and “Follow” Lake Tyee HOA on Facebook for further updates and information.

Until next time, take care and stay warm,

~Lake Tyee Management

Sunday 19 Jan 2020

Good afternoon Lake Tyee owners,
The snow is beginning to melt at the Lake! This is good news, but with the rain and only slightly higher temperatures, the snow becomes mushy and slushy on the roads. Slush also makes for difficult driving so please be careful out there! Lake Tyee Staff (Awesome aren’t they?) will continue plowing and scraping, and moving the slush from the roads in the park as safety allows. 4WD and chains are highly recommended for getting around in the park. Kla-at-wa Hill remains closed for safety and will reopen when we are seeing gravel in place of ice and slush. Hwy 20 is bare and wet. Baker Lake Rd. likely has ice/slush, as will Burpee Hill. We have a 10 day forecast of rain and temperatures in the mid 40’s/6-ish, so the snow should be gone soon. Until then, be safe out there!

Thanks to those of you who braved the winter forces to come to the lot owners meeting yesterday!

Please see below some announcements/ highlights from yesterdays meeting:

  • The Annual Lumberjack New Year’s Dance was a great success! The event had over 140 owners in attendance! A night of great fun, and dancing the night away to the great music of Douglas Crossing Band. Thanks to the volunteers who planned, coordinated, created and decorated to make this event happen!  Go to  (social activities page) to view all the great photos from the 2nd Annual Lumberjack New Years Dance!
  • The final phases of Secondary Electrical project is on temporary hiatus due to weather conditions. We will keep you posted when work starts again.
  • Bids are being collected from Tree Services for Danger Tree removal in several areas of the park.
  • We are checking into changing internet service for the office due to ongoing issues with poor internet connectivity.

Our “blast email” software is often down due to weather… or trees or clouds??? There’s often no rhyme or reason to our connectivity issues! Internet has been great for the last few days, but we are often without speedy access for days on end. We’re looking into a remedy for that issue, but in the meantime you can find regular updates on Lake weather, road conditions, Lake road closures,etc. on Lake Tyee’s official Facebook page “Lake Tyee HOA”. So, to all you facebookers out there, please “Like” and “Follow” the page for updates, news, event announcements and photos from the Lake. Lake Tyee owners can also find regular updates at , the official Lake Tyee Website for information, updates, Event calendars, meeting minutes, financials, etc.

We will have additional info for you on Tuesday… a weather/road update and announcements from the monthly Board meeting!


Be safe and stay warm!

Sunday 19 Jan 2020

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon, Saturday the 18th.  For most of the day, both Baker Lake Road and Burpee Hill were difficult to travel, today should be better. The storm the night before had given us another 5″ of snow and then a light rain began to drizzle during the day, making the snow wet and heavy.

Last night we finally had a night without any new snow! Hurray!!! A morning without having to shovel, thankfully!

With the forecast today, calling for a balmy high of 43/6 degrees and light rain throughout the day, we should see some of this snow beginning to melt and road conditions should improve but may turn very slushy.

Inside the park, maintenance crews have done an amazing job keeping up with the snow. All the main roads are plowed, they’ve tried to push all the snow out of peoples way as much as possible and also create some areas to park however, they can’t get into every area so please understand, 4-wheel drive and chains are still highly recommended until this snow melts. Kla-ta-wa hill is still closed for safety and will be until conditions improve significantly.

Have a safe and warm day…

Thursday 16 Jan 2020

Good morning Lake Tyee owners,

Here we are with another update on weather conditions here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains…this morning we found 2 plus inches of new snow at the Main Office. Current temperature is 31/-1 and cloudy. We are happy to report the wind that was forecasted yesterday did not show up here at the Lake and for this, we are truly grateful.

Burpee Hill is plowed and sanded. Baker Lake Rd. is plowed and sanded, and we have reports that Hwy 20 is bare and wet. County crews and DOT crews are doing fantastic job keeping the roads as clear as possible. Lake Tyee crews are busy plowing and sanding main roads and side throughout the park as safety allows. Crews are also keeping an eye out for downed trees/property damage and so far, this morning, we’ve had none reported. Snow is in the forecast for this afternoon and tonight. The weekend weather report is showing temperatures of L 32/0 H 39/4 and snow is in the forecast through Saturday.

Kla-ta-wa Hill remains closed to through traffic and will remain closed until weather conditions improve.

If you plan on coming to the Lake, without a 4WD vehicle, chains are an excellent idea! All Lake Tyee Maintenance vehicles are chained up! We are seeing warmer temperatures in the forecast for the next few days, which will melt the snow just enough to create slippery and slushy conditions. Essentials at the Lake now are 4WD vehicles, warm clothing, Cell Phone with great service and a generator.

Thanks and safe travels today!

Wednesday 15 Jan 2020

SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW…

Last nights storm brought us another 12″ or so, of that fun stuff to shovel. However, the sun made an appearance first thing this morning, maybe Mother Nature will give us a bit of a break.

Totals around the office are about 18″ and on the upper parts of the park 20″+

Baker Lake Road is plowed and the maintenance crews are busy clearing roads inside the park. Kla-ta-wa Hill remains closed.

We’ll keep you updated…for now, it’s back outside to shovel.


Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020

Lake Tyee Owners,

Winter has arrived! It is snowing here at the Lake  and current temperatures are 24/-4. We have lots of snow, current measurements are reading 12 plus inches of snow throughout the park. Current weather forecasts are predicting continued low temperatures with an additional 5-10 inches of snow accumulation tonight. Driving conditions to the park and in the park are not good. Burpee Hill and Baker Lake Rd. are plowed and sanded, but very slippery. Roads throughout the park are compact snow and ice. Crews are plowing and sanding, but snow is covering sand very quickly.  Kla-ta-wa Hill is dangerous and is now closed to through traffic. Crews continue to plow and sand areas near the gates, but the falling snow is quickly undoing their work. And as if the snow and the cold weren’t enough this morning…we also had a power outage in scattered areas of the Park. PSE crews have completed repairs and power is on again. The Office was NOT without power this morning during the outage, yet internet and phone service in the office today have been a bit sketchy, hopefully service will improve now that the power is back on. Again, we want to caution owners- Chains are needed for safe travel in the park. Our Plow Truck/Maintenance Trucks are chained up, yet sliding in many areas. If you plan on being in the Park, a Generator is a must and Chains are required. We will update you with information from the office as we are able. You will also find updates and information on Facebook page “Lake Tyee HOA”.

Thanks! Hope you’re all safe and warm.


Notes from the office:

Message from the office 10 Jan 2020

Good morning Lake Tyee Owners, 

We’ve had lots of rain and the Lake is high, but water levels are stabilizing, and we are here to report no damage from flooding has occurred. Grandy Creek water levels are calming down and decreasing, so we’ve no news to report there. The water is high in the Lake outlet, but the water levels continue to decrease with the drier weather.

There is no rain in the 10-day forecast, only SNOW… Yes, we now have snow!! Staff will be plowing the main roads throughout the Park and side roads will be plowed as safety permits.

We know how everyone loves to play in the snow here at the Lake, so please be prepared if you plan to be at the Lake this weekend.


If you plan on coming to the Lake, we want you all to be prepared, so here’s your checklist:

• 4WD Vehicle
• Cell Phone with good coverage
• Snow shovel/Boots, winter clothing.
• Generator (In case of Power Outage) Wind and saturated soil can lead to downed trees. 

Areas of Divisions 1A and 1B (Lots 1A-28 through 1A-63or 1B-28 through 1B-59) 4WD is necessary for travel. Also, areas of Division 2C, (Lots 2C-1-through 2C-28) 4WD is necessary for travel. 

If you are unable to reach your Lot with a vehicle,  parking is available in the Clubhouse Parking Lot and Laundry/Boom area.

Thanks and safe travels!! 



2020 Budget

The budget for 2020 passed and went into effect Jan 01, 2020. Monthly dues increased slightly this year, the new dues are $162.00 per month or $1944.00 per year. This is a $3.00 per month  increase from last year. You will see this increase appearing on your January 2020 statements. 

Book Exchange

With the clubhouse renovations completed the book exchange is now back in place. One bookcase is dedicated to the book exchange and it’s located just inside the front door of the clubhouse. Please feel free to drop off a good book for someone to read and take another for yourself.

Help Lake Tyee Go Green In 2020

Here at the lake we care about all things GREEN and not only do we want to save you some GREEN

we want to save our lake and surrounding GREEN areas for generations to come!


The office has a form to fill out that will authorize notifications to be delivered by email instead of in the regular mail. This saves money in postage costs and labor time to put together the mailings as well as helping to save trees. We all see what the need for trees does to our surrounding landscape, anything to reduce the need helps.

This is also a great opportunity to ensure the office has your most up to date contact information. Please verify your contact information when you contact the office. Unfortunately, many owners contact information is out dated and as a result they miss important notices.

You can stop in the office to fill out the form or if you prefer they can send you a copy to fill out if you call them (360) 853-7020 or send them an email at requesting one.


Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events.

December 2019


Notes from the office:

To our lake family, have a wonderful holiday season

Help Lake Tyee Go Green In 2020

Here at the lake we care about all things GREEN and not only do we want to save you some GREEN

we want to save our lake and surrounding GREEN areas for generations to come!


The office has a form to fill out that will authorize notifications to be delivered by email instead of in the regular mail. This saves money in postage costs and labor time to put together the mailings as well as helping to save trees. We all see what the need for trees does to our surrounding landscape, anything to reduce the need helps.

This is also a great opportunity to ensure the office has your most up to date contact information. Please verify your contact information when you contact the office. Unfortunately, many owners contact information is out dated and as a result they miss important notices.

You can stop in the office to fill out the form or if you prefer they can send you a copy to fill out if you call them (360) 853-7020 or send them an email at requesting one.


Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events.

Please note game time has changed. It now starts at 5:00 PM.


November 2019

Notes from the office:

To all our veterans, thank you for your service!

Just a few updates:

Hot tubs are once again open for use.

The electrical switch over that required the park wide power outage is complete. However, there are still a number of pedestal switch overs that need to be made, which will require localized short power outages.

Reminder, as you are preparing your lots for winter remember that NO BLUE TARPS are allowed. Brown, Forest Green and Brown/Green Camo are all acceptable.

If you have not already done so, please return your opt out form to the office. If you need a copy you can pick one up at the office or from the brown table outside the office. This opt out form allows you to receive notifications  about the budget packets, general meetings, etc by email. This does not apply to your monthly billing.

For the Thanksgiving holiday the office will be closing at 2:00 PM on Wed 11/27/2019 and will re-open at 11:00 AM on Fri 11/29/2019

Please note the Lot Owners meeting and Board of Directors meeting are scheduled for Sat Nov 16, 2019. They were previously scheduled on the calendar on the wrong date. This has been corrected.


If you have not already winterized your unit, now would be the time. Temperatures are beginning to drop into the freezing range at night and similar daytime temperatures aren’t far away. If you aren’t familiar with the winterizing process there are several Youtube videos available to help show you how.

Other tips include:

Ensure the main water supply is turned off at the hydrant or the in ground supply line.

Empty out the fridge and freezer. Food can spoil if the power goes out for an extended time.

This is a good time to replace the annode in the hot water tank if your unit has one.

If you are staying during the winter, ensure water lines are buried at least one foot below ground (below the frost line). Apply heat tape to any exposed water lines including the water hydrant and ensure it is plugged in and working. Heat tape are typically good for 3-5 years if you unplug them for the summer. If you notice a high electric bill this would be one of the first things to check. Heat tape that has gone bad can cause excess electric usage.

October 2019

Important Announcements


A friendly reminder that the power outages start this Monday, October 28, and will run through Thursday, October 31.   Power will be shut off each of those days from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Electricians are requesting that everybody turn off any electric heaters until AFTER the power has been restored that evening to help with the initial draw on the system when the power is turned back on.
  • Hot tubs will be closed ALL day for each of those days.
  • Personnel will be present at the back gate (unless an emergency arises), so that it can remain operational during the power outages.
  • The Office will remain open throughout the power outages 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Apparel orders are here! For those that placed an order and haven’t yet picked it up, you may come by the office Saturday, October 5, to pick up your order.   If this day doesn’t work for you, please call the office, so we can work out something separately for you to get your goodies.

Clubhouse and Hot tubs are closed until after the flooring has been installed in the Clubhouse, which is currently slated for completion on October 11, 2019. (Pools are closed for the season).

The power outages for the secondary electrical swap-over will start Monday, October 28, 2019, and go through Thursday, October 31, 2019.  You can expect park-wide power outages from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each of those days.  Power is to be restored for the evening hours.  The office will remain open during its normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays), but please keep in mind that we will also be without power so we’ll have no ability to access computers or phones during the power outages.

The Office has returned to it’s winter hours.  Office will be open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., closed for lunch from 12:00 – 12:30.

Tuesday, October 15th is the date all boats (including kayaks, canoes, paddle boards or other water floating devices) must be removed from the lake side storage areas. Any boats remaining after Tuesday, October 15th, will be impounded and a fine imposed.

Tuesday, October 15th is also the date that tarps are once again allowed for the winter months. Remember, NO BLUE TARPS ALLOWED. Acceptable tarp colors are brown, forest green or brown/green camo.


Important Upcoming dates

9/13/19 – 10/11/19 – Clubhouse closed for renovations

10/15/19 – Tarps are allowed again for the Winter – No BLUE TARPS ALLOWED

10/15/19 – Boats must be removed from Lake side storage areas for the Winter

September 2019

Important Announcements

27 Sept 2019

For those that placed an apparel order, the apparel is here!  You may come by the office tomorrow, Saturday, September 28, or next Saturday, October 5, to pick up your order.   If neither of those days work for you, let me know so we can work out something separately so that you can get your goodies.

26 Sept 2019

The power outages for the secondary electrical swap-over will start Monday, October 28, 2019, and go through Thursday, October 31, 2019.  You can expect park-wide power outages from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each of those days.  Power is to be restored for the evening hours.  The office will remain open during its normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays), but please keep in mind that we will also be without power so we’ll have no ability to access computers or phones during the power outages.

Effective 15 Sep 2019

Pools will be officially closed for the season this evening.  Hot tubs will also be closed until after the flooring has been installed in the Clubhouse, which is currently slated for completion on October 11, 2019.

Starting this Tuesday, September 17, the Office will resume it’s winter hours schedule.  Office hours will be Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., with lunch from 12:00 – 12:30.

We’ve got Frisbee Golf here at the Lake!  There are currently 4 baskets located on the Southeast part of the Lake.  If anybody has any gently used discs lying around that they’d like to donate, the Office will gladly accept them so that we can keep them on hand for the folks that don’t have any discs but would like to try the sport.


Previous Sep Announcements

Hello Lake Tyee!

We wanted to share a couple of things with you today:

1) Clubhouse Closure for Renovations.The Clubhouse will be closed for renovations from September 3 until October 11.  We will be installing a new vinyl floor in the ballroom and lobby area.  Access to the changing room for the pools will be available until the pool closes September 15th.   We ask that you please not drop off any books, puzzles, or magazines in the Clubhouse lobby until after renovations are completed.

2) Effective September 9, 2019:  Guest Passes will be on-line!  We will, of course, still have Guest Passes available in the office.

The complete terms and conditions for the Guest Policy can be found in the Member’s Section of the Lake Tyee website.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.  We hope that by including the Guest Pass on our website, it will make things a bit easier and less time-consuming for some of you, but, as mentioned, we will continue to have Guest Passes available in the office.


Important Upcoming dates

9/13/19 – 10/11/19 – Clubhouse closed for renovations

9/15/2019 – Pools close for the season

9/17/19 – Office changes to Winter hours (Tue – Sat 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Closed Sun and Mon)

10/15/19 – Tarps are allowed on lots for the Winter

10/15/19 – Boats need to be removed from Lake storage areas for the Winter

August 2019



Effective Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Lake Tyee Security and Maintenance have been given new phones with new phone numbers. The old phone numbers have been cancelled.

The new numbers are:

Lake Tyee Security (360) 421-7035

Lake Tyee Maintenance Emergency (360) 421-7036

Please make a note of the new phone numbers and delete any references to the old ones.

Thank you




Annoyed with the gate breaking? Well, who knew, according to the repair technicians we are doing it to ourselves.

Apparently, when someone swipes their card while the gate is still closing, from the last person to go through, is causing considerable damage. The belts and gears are all turning one direction when the gate is closing. If someone swipes their card, it immediately changes the direction of the gears and belts. This causes the belts to slip and burn and stresses the gears increasing the risk of breaking.

Management is talking with the gate company about installing a delay so the gate won’t recognize a card swipe until the gate has completely closed but, in the meantime, we can all help by allowing the gate to fully close before swiping our card (please be patient with those in front of you allowing the gate to close before they go). By doing this the gates should work without issue for many years!


August is typically the busiest month here at Lake Tyee. Summer is winding down, temperatures are on the high side and people are squeezing in those last summer vacations.

With the pools in such high demand, it’s a good time to remind everyone of the rules for the pools and hot tubs. Please know that the State of WA dictates many of the rules in place if we want to have pools at our facilities. Some, such as hours of operation are directed by management in response to previous issues. Most people using the pools and hot tubs follow the rules without issue, however, there are always a few that seem to struggle with the concept. The rules are designed to keep people SAFE, so please do your part.

In accordance with WA WAC 246-260-121(5)

  • There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at the pools.
  • Children under the age of 13 must be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Children 13-17 cannot use the pool or hot tub alone.
  • Everyone must take a cleansing shower before using the pool/hot tub.
  • If you have a disease that can be transmitted by water or have been ill with diarrhea or vomiting in the last two weeks, don’t use the pool/hot tub.
  • No diapers (including swim diapers and adult diapers) allowed in pool/hot tub.
  • People with seizure, heart or circulatory problems should not swim alone.
  • No diving, running or rough play is allowed.
  • No food is allowed in the pool area
  • Clear drinks allowed in PLASTIC sealable containers only.
  • Don’t use the pool when under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Additional Hot tub rules;

  • Children under the age of 6 should not use the hot tubs.
  • Limit any one session in hot tub to 15 minutes.
  • Maximum number of people allowed in hot tub is 10 persons.
  • People with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and women who are or may be pregnant are advised to consult a physician before using hot tubs.

If you don’t follow the rules, you may be removed from the premises.

In an EMERGENCY call 911. An EMERGENCY phone is located on the clubhouse wall near hot tub #1




We have installed some new STOP signs, creating a couple of three way STOPS

There is now a three way stop sign near the Putt Putt golf course at South Tyee Drive and Suiattle Trail and the other is near the Horsehoe Pits  at Tyee Drive and Similk Trail.

The new three way stops are to help make these popular areas more pedestrian friendly and safer.

Come check out the new signs, just be sure to take your time and STOP when you’re there.


July 2019



We have received numerous questions about how to handle emergencies and maintenance issues. Who to call, what number, what constitutes an emergency, etc.

To help clarify some of these issues;

  • The most important issues would be a medical emergency, a fire or a crime. If any of these happen please call 911 immediately! Stay calm. Be sure to give the dispatcher your blue street address and the gate nearest your property. Gate #1 is the Meadow, Gate #2 is the Main Gate, Gate #3 is the Back Gate.

Lake Tyee maintenance staff maintains the parks infrastructure.

They are responsible for;

  • Sewer systems up to a lot owners structure. Lot owners are responsible for the plumbing in and under their structures.
  • Electrical systems up to the pedestal. Lot owners are responsible for any electrical issues from the pedestal to their unit and inside their unit.
  • Water systems up to each lots hydrant. Lot owners are responsible for water lines from the hydrant into and inside their unit.

Sewer issues are the staffs first priority since a leak is a health and safety issue.

Leaks in the sewer system and ruptured waterlines are among the most common issues. If you notice an issue please call the maintenance phone number and report it even if it is the responsibility of a lot owner. Many times the maintenance staff can help with a temporary fix, shut off utilities to prevent further damage or refer you to someone who can help.

Lake Tyee Security is responsible for code enforcement. They do not have the training or authority that the police and fire department have, for issues requiring those services, call 911. Security monitors the gates, pool areas, clubhouse and park buildings, address speeding issues, fire violations, etc. They are emissaries for the park, helping with lot owners questions, handling code violations with owners and watching over the park, reporting issues to the proper authorities.

The Lake Tyee Security and Maintenance phone numbers are message lines. These lines are monitored. Occasionally security or maintenance may be available at the moment you call and will answer in person but most times you will need to leave them a message.  When you call please leave a detailed message explaining what the issue is. Remember to leave your name, a call back number and your lot number.


June 2019



At nearly every lot owners meeting the issue of speeding is brought up. It has continued to be among the top concerns of the lot owners. The staff has been doing all they can, adding speed bumps, stop signs and having security monitor the park. Fines have been levied for offenders but the problem still persists.

Please set the example, follow the speed limits, talk with your neighbors, spread the word…why be in such a hurry? Slow down and enjoy the park! If you are going 10 MPH then the person behind you will be also!

Most importantly remember that the little ones don’t know all the rules of the road and are unpredictable. They can appear from nowhere, anytime. Go slow, watch for the unexpected and let’s make sure everyone here has a safe visit.

Thank you to the majority that follow the speed limit, lets encourage the few struggling with it to join us!