Lake Tyee Guest Services


Lake Tyee Guest Services 

Lake Tyee is a beautiful place and we understand owners enjoy inviting family and friends to the Park. We encourage people to entertain family and friends for a weekend, provisions have been included which allow owners to have an additional RV on their Lot for 4 days per month. If space on your Lot is limited, we have an area available in the Park where owners may rent RV spaces for visits of Family and Friends.

Owners may reserve spaces at “the Boom for Tents and RV’s for two “Family/Friend” stays per calendar year. Reservations are available on a “first come, first served” basis.

We offer 6 RV spaces with Water and Electricity, and 6 Tent Spaces with Water and Electricity. Maximum Occupancy is 40 persons.

Reservations must be made 14 days prior to date. Owners may contact Lake Tyee Office for reservations via phone or e-mail.

Lot owner must make reservations 14 days in advance and submit paperwork to Lake Tyee Office.

Lot owner must be present and in the Park for duration of Guest stay.

Lot Owner must meet guests at Gate at time of arrival.

Lot owner must register each Guest in Lake Tyee Office. Guests will receive a Guest Pass for vehicle(s) and Guest Wrist Band.

Lot Owner must provide all Gate access for guest(s) at time of arrival and also provide access to Clubhouse/Pool area. Guest Gate Keys may be checked out at the office for a fee of $10.00. Gate Keys not turned in will result in $25.00 charge to the owners account.

Lot owners must inform guests of Rules and Regulations set forth for Lake Tyee.

Lake Tyee employees are not permitted to grant access to park for guests.

Lake Tyee reserves the right to cancel or deny reservation at any time.



Boom: $55.00-$60.00 per night, per space, for 4 Guests, Maximum 6

Tent: $30.00 per night, per tent for 4 Guests Maximum 6

(2C Reciprocal Lot is for Tent Camping)

Reciprocal: $55.00 per night, per lot, for 4 Guests, Maximum 6

Includes water and electricity (2B, 2F)

Pets are allowed. Must be leashed at all times and Pet Waste must be picked up and disposed of.

Pets off leash will result in a $50.00 Fine to sponsoring owner account.

Guest Gate Key Rental: $10.00

Guest Fees will apply Lot Owner’s Lake Tyee statement.


Boom: There are 6 spaces adjacent to the office. Specific spaces may be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

2 Spaces with 50amp Electrical service; 4 Spaces with 30amp Electrical service

Tents: Tents must be placed NO More than 6 Feet from Water Connection/Power Stand.

Reciprocal: There are 3 Reciprocal lots located in the following Divisions:




*Blackout Dates may apply to US and Canadian Holidays.