Lake Tyee Guest Services




Lake Tyee is a beautiful place, and we understand owners enjoy inviting family and friends to the Park.  We encourage people to entertain family and friends for a weekend.  Provisions have been included which allows owners to have an additional RV on their lot for three (3) days per month. If space on your lot is limited, we have areas available in the Park where owners may rent RV spaces for visits of family and friends.  However, blackout Dates apply to all U.S. and Canadian holidays and associated weekends. During the Holiday weekends these camping sites are typically used for overflow parking.


Owners may reserve overflow campsite spaces for tents and RVs at “the Boom”, adjacent to the Lake Tyee Business Office, or one of the five (5) reciprocal lots.  Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis.


  • At the Boom, we have four (4) camping spaces with water and electricity, two on the gravel side of the center divider and 2 on the grass side. Septic is NOT available at the Boom, and there is no dump station in the Park.  Maximum occupancy at the Boom at any time is thirty (30) persons.
  • We also have four (4) reciprocal lots, located throughout the park, 2F (Montana Lane), 3B42, 3B49, and 3B121. Each of the reciprocal lots has water, electricity, and septic. A 5th reciprocal lot is available in the Meadow 1D50, this lot has power and water but no septic.
  • Only Lot 1D50 has an approved firepit. Campfires are not allowed at any of the other reciprocal lots or at the Boom unless it is a CSA/UCL or ANS approved propane firepit.
  • To ensure an overflow campsite is available, it is recommended that reservations be made fourteen (14) days prior to the date the guest(s) will arrive. Owners may contact the Lake Tyee Business Office for reservations via phone (360-853-7020) or e-mail (
  • Lot owner must register each Guest with the Lake Tyee Business Office. Guests will receive a Guest Pass for their vehicle(s).
  • A guest gate key may be checked out at the office for a fee of $10.00 per visit. Gate keys not turned in will result in $25.00 additional charge to the sponsoring lot owner’s account.
  • Sponsoring lot owner assumes full responsibility and liability for the actions and behavior of the guest(s) so admitted, whether known by the lot owner or not, including all costs related to damages done, regardless of whether the lot owner is present at the time.
  • Lake Tyee employees are not permitted to grant access to park for guests.
  • Lake Tyee reserves the right to cancel or deny reservation at any time.



$55.00 for 30 amp service / $60.00 for 50 amp service per night, per space



$30.00 per night, per tent

  • Pets are allowed. Pets must be leashed at all times, and pet waste must be picked up and properly disposed of.
  • Guest Gate Key Rental: $10.00 per visit
  • Guest fees may be applied to Lot Owner’s monthly billing statement or paid in advance.
  • All RV spaces have 50amp/30amp/20amp Electrical service available.


Please see the attached link for additional Boom and Reciprocal lot camping information.

Overflow Camping