Bylaws Revision


Call for Volunteers: Revising and Updating Our Lake Tyee Bylaws – January 2021

The Lake Tyee Board of Directors is in the process of reviewing and recommending changes and revisions to our Bylaws.  Members in Good Standing are invited to participate in that process as a member of the Bylaw Revision Committee.

When the Lake Tyee Recreational Community was established back in the 1970s, a series of Covenants (Protective Restrictions and Limitations) was registered with Skagit County to ensure Lake Tyee was recognized and taxed as a recreational community and could not be used and developed into a residential community.

Then, the Members of Lake Tyee approved and adopted what are known as the Bylaws.  The Bylaws address a variety of things including how the Lake Tyee Club is managed with owners as Board of Directors,  Management and a documentation process to ensure the continuity and integrity of the Lake Tyee Community.  As laws and standards of practice evolve, the Bylaws needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure the Community structure and practices are sound.

This Bylaws Review Committee will review, revise and update the Lake Tyee Bylaws adopted June 17, 2000 and previously updated June 22, 2013. As part of the revision process, the committee will remove the existing Appendix A in the Bylaws regarding the Competitive Bid Process and create a new Community policy containing revised and updated guidelines and instructions for the Competitive Bid Process going forward. The goal is to have the updated Bylaws and Bid Process Policy completed and ready for vote by the membership at the annual lot owners meeting in June 2021.

There will be an initial “meeting” via zoom or conference call to briefly discuss the project and answer any questions you may have. There will be at least one more additional meeting to formalize the findings but it’s possible the committee may decide to have additional meetings to discuss the project’s progress.

The main activity for committee members will be to review the Lake Tyee Bylaws and document your suggested revisions, updates and/or corrections.

To participate, you will need an email account to send and receive files, a word processor and a few minutes to conference at the meetings.

If you’re interested in volunteering, and a member in good standing (as defined in the Bylaws), email your completed committee membership application to: or We will choose up to five volunteers for this project.


Bylaws Committee Charter (coming soon)

Commiteee member information/application

Code of Conduct for Committee Members of Lake Tyee