About Us

lakeside_415The Lake Tyee Recreational Community is over 520 acres and has 886 individual lots. We are one of Washington’s largest ownership RV communities. Our community is nestled in the North Cascade Range foothills, four miles north of Concrete, Washington. The level of our 55-acre lake is approximately 900 feet above sea level, and is in the lowest section of a basin, which is surrounded on the northeast and south by slopes cresting 200 to 250 feet above the lake. The majority of our individual deeded sites are circles of either 50′ or 60′ in diameter. There are also a number of rectangle-shaped lots of different sizes, as well as some pie-shaped lots.

We are located in the forestry zone of Skagit County and are permitted as a planned unit recreational development. Lot owners, their families and guests, may use the facilities and common property. Each individual lot may be used for vacation and recreational camping purposes only for a period not to exceed 210 days per year. No year-round residency or residential buildings are allowed in our community. You may NOT build a home or a cabin on your lot, and you cannot subdivide your lot. However, there are permissible improvements that you may make to your lot. These improvements are outlined in the Amended Restrictions and Declarations. In addition, the Lake Tyee Board of Directors has established rules and regulations for the use of the clubhouse, pools and other amenities to ensure individual rights and enjoyment.

The Lake Tyee RV Community was incorporated in 1974. It has been operating and active since the community’s inception. When you purchase a lot in the Lake Tyee Community, you will become a voting member and are subject to the dues, charges and assessments levied by the Association. Their purpose is to maintain common areas, enforce restrictions and covenants, collect charges and assessments, and pay taxes and expenses for the operation of Lake Tyee.


Our Community is served by a central water system, which is owned by Lake Tyee. The water system is complete and is constructed to Washington State specifications from state approved plans. Water is available along the roads in all divisions and an underground connection is brought out for each lot. There is no charge for connecting to the water system. The water quality is checked monthly by Lake Tyee and the Skagit County Health Department. The system has a 120,000 gallon storage capacity (2 tanks) with a 175 gallon per minute pumping capacity.


Lake Tyee uses both individual and community septic systems. Maintenance will be handled by Lake Tyee’s annual dues except that in the case of owner-caused damages, maintenance costs may be prorated by the users. Owner-caused damages generally consist of plugged lines, which can be repaired at an estimated cost of $100-$150. There are also 16 comfort stations (Toilet and Shower facilities) and one laundry facility. Maintenance of these facilities are paid for by member dues and serviced by Lake Tyee.


Electricity is our primary power source. The electrical system is a community system. Energy is supplied by Puget Sound Power and Light and is available at the power head between your lot and the access road. There is no charge for hook-ups. You will be billed by Lake Tyee for the amount of electricity that you use plus each lot owners share of the community power (the power used in our facilities and the common properties of our community). The system is not designed to provide electric power for heating. You are required to use propane for heating your RV.


As an owner of real estate, you will be billed for property taxes based on the assessed value of your property. This amount will vary depending on location and the amount of improvements you have made to your lot.

Entry & Roads

We are a gated community. A gate entry card is required for entry. Two cards are provided when you purchase a lot. Additional cards are available for a charge. We have physical access by automobile to all lots by a private road system. Our roads are not paved. All roads have a 10-12 foot wearing width. The main stem road is a two-lane road. All secondary roads are one-lane roads consisting of 15 foot rights-of-way. Maintenance is provided by Lake Tyee and is paid for by annual dues. Year-round access is available, however, some lots may be restricted in Winter months due to a combination of the snow depth and grade, which may make passage difficult or impossible.

Groceries and supplies are available in the nearby town of Concrete. Concrete also offers a variety of shopping, restaurants, a historical museum, a movie theatre, a library, taverns, a general aviation airport, and art galleries. During the Summer, Concrete sponsors a Saturday Craft Market and several holiday celebrations.

Lake Tyee organizes several social events each year. Members have the option of participating in community picnics and enjoying the recreational facilities throughout the year. Members are encouraged to have fun, and to respect others’ need for quiet after 10pm. Since Lake Tyee is located in a natural forest, we share our home with eagles, hawks, Canadian geese, ducks, and numerous other birds. Elk and deer are frequently seen near the park. We even have occasional sightings of bear, cougars, and lynx. It is important to respect and preserve the habitats of these wild creatures as part of our community. The lake is stocked with fish each year and no fishing license is required at Lake Tyee. Members enjoy boating (non-motorized or small electric motors only) and fishing on the lake during warm weather.

We hope that you will take the time to visit Lake Tyee and become a part of our community.