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Lake Tyee - A Recreation Community

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Nestled in the North Cascade Mountains, near the border between the United States

and Canada, lies a serene lake resting in the shadow of snow-capped Mt. Baker.

Lake Tyee, one of the best kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest.


A place where family and friends gather and lasting memories are made.




From the Lake:

June 2022

Beginning to see a lot of the wildlife moving around. Lake Tyee is such an awesome place!

From the office

June 2022


23 June 2022

Hi Lake Tyee.  Please send your ballots in if you have not already done so.  As of this morning, we do not have enough ballots to meet quorum.  To proceed with the AGM this Saturday, we will need to meet quorum, which is 10% of the membership.  Currently, we have not received enough ballots to meet that requirement.  If we don't receive enough ballots, the election will need to be postponed.  It is important for each of you to vote.  Ballots must be received by 10:00 a.m. this Saturday, June 25, 2022.

You can send in your votes by email, fill out a ballot at the office or at the AGM Saturday morning.


15 June 2022


We have received a few questions regarding activities scheduled for the 4th of July weekend.

Activities are arranged, organized, and conducted by volunteers, overseen by the Social Committee. The office is the liaison to the Board and helps with ordering, collecting entrance fees, verifying insurances, legal questions, etc. but they are not involved in running the actual events, that requires volunteers.

Unfortunately, no one has volunteered to organize any events for the 4th of July this year. As a result, there are currently no plans in process.

If anyone has an interest in volunteering, whether to head up the events for an occasion or run a single event or to volunteer as help at an event, you can contact the office and we will help get you in touch with the Social Committee.

Lake Tyee Management

10 June 2022

Check out the new outdoor ping pong table, located behind the clubhouse. Paddles and balls are on order and should be here early next week. The paddles and balls will be available for checkout through the office during normal business hours or feel free to bring your own.
Should be fun!

10 June 2022

Hi Lake Tyee.

Everyone should have received their AGM packets by now (either by E-mail or by U.S. Mail) and this is just a reminder to vote.  We have three board positions up for election and four candidates.  All ballots must be received via E-mail, USPS Mail, or Hand Delivery by 10:00 a.m. Saturday morning, June 25, 2022, to be valid and counted.

Thank you.

04 June 2022

We have had several sightings of black bear within the park during the last couple of weeks. I’ve actually had one wandering around on my lot a few times.

Yesterday (03 June 2022) a Fish and Wildlife Police Officer came out to the lake and spent time discussing the issue with me.

He explained that this is the typical time of year for seeing a lot of bears, most sightings that get reported are in May and June. The bears have recently come out of hibernation and are very hungry, but the Salmon aren’t running, and the berries aren’t yet on the bushes, so they are looking for the easiest sources of food which is what we leave out.

Bears like to eat most anything. Fruits, breads, meats, garbage, bird seed, suet, etc. If it’s out they will eat it.

Black bear attacks are extremely rare and not of much concern in our case. For a bear to attack it would likely be due to a bear being harassed, cornering it, protecting it’s cubs or an old or sick bear. The bears we have seen in pictures and videos are just young, healthy, hungry bears.

The descriptions of the bears we’ve received made the officer believe there could easily be more than one traveling through the park. He says this general area has a large bear population.

Trapping a bear is only done as a last resort for truly problematic bears. Unfortunately, 80% of the trapped bears return to the same location and often end up needing to be put down.

Bears typically move on and are seen less often as the natural food sources become more available. He says they should probably disappear in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the best thing we can do is to try and remove the sources of food. From their experience, if the bear can’t find any food for 2-3 days in an area it will be gone. It was significant to him that we weren’t having issues at the dumpsters, which tells him there are too many other sources around (about 800 individual lots). Had it been the dumpsters then it could be contained by bear proof cans but that isn’t where the issue is.

He recommends people take their trash to the dumpsters regularly. It should be kept inside your unit or your shed until it goes to the dumpster. Cans of garbage on decks or in yards is a prime attractant. Bird feeders and scattering bird seed is an attractant. If you are going to feed the birds, put the feed out early and only enough that the birds will clean it up. Don’t leave feeders out overnight. Pet food is another, don’t leave it outside. The bears also like BBQ’s, smokers, fridges, and coolers, put them away whenever possible, if they sense food, they will try to get it. Do all you can to remove any potential source of food for the bears and they will go elsewhere.

We share this forested land with these magnificent animals, they’re just looking for food and it’s extremely unlikely they will bother anyone. If you are feeling vulnerable carry bear spray, make noise as you walk around, go walking with others and remember they are afraid of us as well. It’s highly unlikely there will be any issues with bears bothering people (although they can seriously mess up a garbage can trying to get to food inside it). Enjoy this opportunity to see these animals in the wild, not something you’re likely to see in the city.

04 June 2022

AGM packets have been sent out. The AGM is scheduled for June 25th in the clubhouse and on zoom. Be sure to vote for your choice of candidates for the Board before 10 am June 25th.

Where is Lake Tyee?

Lake Tyee is located approximately 2 hours north of Seattle and approximately 1 1/2 hours south of Vancouver BC.


From Washington I-5, take the Burlington exit and go east on State Highway 20 for approximately 21 miles. Turn left onto Baker Lake Highway and travel north for approximately 7 miles. Turn right onto Burpee Hill Road (you will see a large "Lake Tyee" sign at this intersection). The Lake Tyee community is on both sides of the road after the turn. The sales office is located on the left side of the road just before you get to the main entrance.