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Nestled in the North Cascade Mountains, near the border between the United States

and Canada, lies a serene lake resting in the shadow of snow-capped Mt. Baker.

Lake Tyee, one of the best kept secrets of the Pacific Northwest.


A place where family and friends gather and lasting memories are made.



From the Lake:

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January 2020

Happy New Year to all...

A new year at the lake, looking forward to good friends, great times and wonderful memories waiting to be made.

It's that strange time of year here, when the weather can't seem to decide if it should let a bit of sunshine through, cover everything with fog, drench the park in rain or turn it all white with snow. In any case, it's wonderful here, just be prepared to dress for whatever Mother Nature may shower us with...

From the office

Saturday 25 Jan 2020

The rain and the plows have done a terrific job at clearing up the roads. So, the next question is, how are the hiking trails?

Yesterday, the Lake Trail still had snow, slush and puddles. Where there is snow, it isn't deep, just an inch or two in most areas, but it can be slippery. With all the rain, the normal areas of the trail that collect water are once again puddles but nothing that you can't walk through or around. Once you get to the road at the pit it's all clear again.

It's fun to watch the tracks to see what else is using the trail, I saw a few deer tracks and it appears the Lake Trail is a super highway for the raccoons.

The views make it such a nice walk.

It's hard to believe less than two weeks ago everything looked like this...

I also hiked Trail one yesterday (sorry, I didn't take any pictures of it). The only snow on the trail is right at the start of the lower section and it's pretty thin. The trail is steep and wet so it can be slippery.


Thursday 23 Jan 2020

Kla-ta-wa hill has been re-opened for use. The road is clear and should remain usable for the foreseeable future.

Wednesday 22 Jan 2020

Good morning Lake Tyee Owners,

It is currently raining with a temperature 43/6. The snow is slowly melting, and the gravel is beginning to appear on the roads throughout the park. We still have 8 plus inches of snow on the ground, and berms along sides of roads and on properties. Kla ta wa Hill is still slushy. Maintenance staff will plow the hill several times today. The hill will be open by 4:00pm today. Weather forecasts are showing rain for the next week or so with temperatures with highs of 46/8 and lows of 39/4. so we are hoping the snow will continue to melt, but we are still in January, so anything is possible. We will keep you posted!

Thanks again to those of you who were here on Saturday for the meeting, also thanks to those who couldn't make it due to the snow, but e-mailed questions/requests prior to the meeting, your participation is appreciated!

The 2nd Annual Lumber Jack New Year's Dance was a big hit! The event had over 150 in attendance. Everyone danced the night away, bringing in the New Year with Douglas Crossing Band! Thanks to everyone who planned, volunteered, created and decorated! Go to www.laketyee.org to see photos from the event. The next scheduled event on Social Committee Calendar is Easter and volunteers are needed...

Lake Levels have been monitored closely this season. Grounds and Maintenance Committee Volunteers have developed a plan for water flows to avoid drastic fluctuations in the water levels in the outlet. Great job! In spite of the heavy rains, levels have been high, yet stable and we have experienced no flooding near the Laundry facility.

The Clubhouse roof was reported leaking during New Years. Lake Tyee staff harnessed up and repaired several slips, gaps and shifts in the metal and all is good! No further leaks have been reported in the Ballroom or entry way.

We've gone out to bid for Danger Tree work. We hope to have a contractor to begin work soon on many Danger Trees in the Park.

Secondary Electrical upgrade project is in the final phases, yet our priority stays on infrastructure, with Septic and Water System being the primary focus for the upcoming year. To date, 106 Septic tanks have been located and inspected in the Park. Locating tanks will be a priority for 2020. Assessment of the Water System is a priority also. We’ve published a “notice for bid” for our Water System and received several Statements of Qualification from local Engineering Companies.

Reserve Projects for 2020 include:

Clubhouse Shower Room Renovation
Pool Plumbing Repair
Pool Pumps/Filter Replacement
Office Generator Installation
Vehicle Replacements
Small Mower Replacement
Seal Coat for Asphalt
Road Refurbish/Gravel
Comfort Station Renovation
Building Exterior Maintenance
Water Tank Study

The Clubhouse Ballroom will be open from 10am-5pm on beginning on January 25th! We will have it open on Saturday’s and Sunday’s for the rest of the winter. The Ballroom will not be monitored continually, but we will have staff popping in periodically to check on what’s happening. Owners will be welcome to go in for Ping Pong, Air Hockey and Foos Ball. We are encouraging families to create a "Clubhouse Fun Bag"... Fill it with Playing Cards, Ping Pong Balls, Coloring Books and Crayons. Also, bring a Board Game to play or enjoy the sports playing on the TV.  We will have a few tables set up and the heat on! Children age of 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Social Committee volunteers are working on some fun events for you all soon. When we have all the details, we will be making announcements… Are you interested in planning an Event for Lake Tyee members? If you’re interested, contact Joelle Milholm at seclaketyee@gmail.com

Remember to register in the Members Section on www.laketyee.org and also “Like” and “Follow” Lake Tyee HOA on Facebook for further updates and information.

Until next time, take care and stay warm,

~Lake Tyee Management

Sunday 19 Jan 2020

Good afternoon Lake Tyee owners,
The snow is beginning to melt at the Lake! This is good news, but with the rain and only slightly higher temperatures, the snow becomes mushy and slushy on the roads. Slush also makes for difficult driving so please be careful out there! Lake Tyee Staff (Awesome aren’t they?) will continue plowing and scraping, and moving the slush from the roads in the park as safety allows. 4WD and chains are highly recommended for getting around in the park. Kla-at-wa Hill remains closed for safety and will reopen when we are seeing gravel in place of ice and slush. Hwy 20 is bare and wet. Baker Lake Rd. likely has ice/slush, as will Burpee Hill. We have a 10 day forecast of rain and temperatures in the mid 40’s/6-ish, so the snow should be gone soon. Until then, be safe out there!

Thanks to those of you who braved the winter forces to come to the lot owners meeting yesterday!

Please see below some announcements/ highlights from yesterdays meeting:

  • The Annual Lumberjack New Year’s Dance was a great success! The event had over 140 owners in attendance! A night of great fun, and dancing the night away to the great music of Douglas Crossing Band. Thanks to the volunteers who planned, coordinated, created and decorated to make this event happen!  Go to www.laketyee.org  (social activities page) to view all the great photos from the 2nd Annual Lumberjack New Years Dance!
  • The final phases of Secondary Electrical project is on temporary hiatus due to weather conditions. We will keep you posted when work starts again.
  • Bids are being collected from Tree Services for Danger Tree removal in several areas of the park.
  • We are checking into changing internet service for the office due to ongoing issues with poor internet connectivity.

Our “blast email” software is often down due to weather... or trees or clouds??? There’s often no rhyme or reason to our connectivity issues! Internet has been great for the last few days, but we are often without speedy access for days on end. We’re looking into a remedy for that issue, but in the meantime you can find regular updates on Lake weather, road conditions, Lake road closures,etc. on Lake Tyee’s official Facebook page “Lake Tyee HOA”. So, to all you facebookers out there, please “Like” and “Follow” the page for updates, news, event announcements and photos from the Lake. Lake Tyee owners can also find regular updates at  www.laketyee.org , the official Lake Tyee Website for information, updates, Event calendars, meeting minutes, financials, etc.

We will have additional info for you on Tuesday... a weather/road update and announcements from the monthly Board meeting!


Be safe and stay warm!

Sunday 19 Jan 2020

This picture was taken yesterday afternoon, Saturday the 18th.  For most of the day, both Baker Lake Road and Burpee Hill were difficult to travel, today should be better. The storm the night before had given us another 5" of snow and then a light rain began to drizzle during the day, making the snow wet and heavy.

Last night we finally had a night without any new snow! Hurray!!! A morning without having to shovel, thankfully!

With the forecast today, calling for a balmy high of 43/6 degrees and light rain throughout the day, we should see some of this snow beginning to melt and road conditions should improve but may turn very slushy.

Inside the park, maintenance crews have done an amazing job keeping up with the snow. All the main roads are plowed, they've tried to push all the snow out of peoples way as much as possible and also create some areas to park however, they can't get into every area so please understand, 4-wheel drive and chains are still highly recommended until this snow melts. Kla-ta-wa hill is still closed for safety and will be until conditions improve significantly.

Have a safe and warm day...

Thursday 16 Jan 2020

Good morning Lake Tyee owners,

Here we are with another update on weather conditions here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains...this morning we found 2 plus inches of new snow at the Main Office. Current temperature is 31/-1 and cloudy. We are happy to report the wind that was forecasted yesterday did not show up here at the Lake and for this, we are truly grateful.

Burpee Hill is plowed and sanded. Baker Lake Rd. is plowed and sanded, and we have reports that Hwy 20 is bare and wet. County crews and DOT crews are doing fantastic job keeping the roads as clear as possible. Lake Tyee crews are busy plowing and sanding main roads and side throughout the park as safety allows. Crews are also keeping an eye out for downed trees/property damage and so far, this morning, we’ve had none reported. Snow is in the forecast for this afternoon and tonight. The weekend weather report is showing temperatures of L 32/0 H 39/4 and snow is in the forecast through Saturday.

Kla-ta-wa Hill remains closed to through traffic and will remain closed until weather conditions improve.

If you plan on coming to the Lake, without a 4WD vehicle, chains are an excellent idea! All Lake Tyee Maintenance vehicles are chained up! We are seeing warmer temperatures in the forecast for the next few days, which will melt the snow just enough to create slippery and slushy conditions. Essentials at the Lake now are 4WD vehicles, warm clothing, Cell Phone with great service and a generator.

Thanks and safe travels today!

Wednesday 15 Jan 2020

SNOW, SNOW and more SNOW...

Last nights storm brought us another 12" or so, of that fun stuff to shovel. However, the sun made an appearance first thing this morning, maybe Mother Nature will give us a bit of a break.

Totals around the office are about 18" and on the upper parts of the park 20"+

Baker Lake Road is plowed and the maintenance crews are busy clearing roads inside the park. Kla-ta-wa Hill remains closed.

We'll keep you updated...for now, it's back outside to shovel.


Tuesday, 14 Jan 2020

Lake Tyee Owners,

Winter has arrived! It is snowing here at the Lake  and current temperatures are 24/-4. We have lots of snow, current measurements are reading 12 plus inches of snow throughout the park. Current weather forecasts are predicting continued low temperatures with an additional 5-10 inches of snow accumulation tonight. Driving conditions to the park and in the park are not good. Burpee Hill and Baker Lake Rd. are plowed and sanded, but very slippery. Roads throughout the park are compact snow and ice. Crews are plowing and sanding, but snow is covering sand very quickly.  Kla-ta-wa Hill is dangerous and is now closed to through traffic. Crews continue to plow and sand areas near the gates, but the falling snow is quickly undoing their work. And as if the snow and the cold weren't enough this morning...we also had a power outage in scattered areas of the Park. PSE crews have completed repairs and power is on again. The Office was NOT without power this morning during the outage, yet internet and phone service in the office today have been a bit sketchy, hopefully service will improve now that the power is back on. Again, we want to caution owners- Chains are needed for safe travel in the park. Our Plow Truck/Maintenance Trucks are chained up, yet sliding in many areas. If you plan on being in the Park, a Generator is a must and Chains are required. We will update you with information from the office as we are able. You will also find updates and information on Facebook page "Lake Tyee HOA".

Thanks! Hope you're all safe and warm.


Notes from the office:

Message from the office 10 Jan 2020

Good morning Lake Tyee Owners, 

We’ve had lots of rain and the Lake is high, but water levels are stabilizing, and we are here to report no damage from flooding has occurred. Grandy Creek water levels are calming down and decreasing, so we’ve no news to report there. The water is high in the Lake outlet, but the water levels continue to decrease with the drier weather.

There is no rain in the 10-day forecast, only SNOW… Yes, we now have snow!! Staff will be plowing the main roads throughout the Park and side roads will be plowed as safety permits.

We know how everyone loves to play in the snow here at the Lake, so please be prepared if you plan to be at the Lake this weekend.


If you plan on coming to the Lake, we want you all to be prepared, so here’s your checklist:

• 4WD Vehicle
• Cell Phone with good coverage
• Snow shovel/Boots, winter clothing.
• Generator (In case of Power Outage) Wind and saturated soil can lead to downed trees. 

Areas of Divisions 1A and 1B (Lots 1A-28 through 1A-63or 1B-28 through 1B-59) 4WD is necessary for travel. Also, areas of Division 2C, (Lots 2C-1-through 2C-28) 4WD is necessary for travel. 

If you are unable to reach your Lot with a vehicle,  parking is available in the Clubhouse Parking Lot and Laundry/Boom area.

Thanks and safe travels!! 



2020 Budget

The budget for 2020 passed and went into effect Jan 01, 2020. Monthly dues increased slightly this year, the new dues are $162.00 per month or $1944.00 per year. This is a $3.00 per month  increase from last year. You will see this increase appearing on your January 2020 statements. 

Book Exchange

With the clubhouse renovations completed the book exchange is now back in place. One bookcase is dedicated to the book exchange and it's located just inside the front door of the clubhouse. Please feel free to drop off a good book for someone to read and take another for yourself.

Help Lake Tyee Go Green In 2020

Here at the lake we care about all things GREEN and not only do we want to save you some GREEN

we want to save our lake and surrounding GREEN areas for generations to come!


The office has a form to fill out that will authorize notifications to be delivered by email instead of in the regular mail. This saves money in postage costs and labor time to put together the mailings as well as helping to save trees. We all see what the need for trees does to our surrounding landscape, anything to reduce the need helps.

This is also a great opportunity to ensure the office has your most up to date contact information. Please verify your contact information when you contact the office. Unfortunately, many owners contact information is out dated and as a result they miss important notices.

You can stop in the office to fill out the form or if you prefer they can send you a copy to fill out if you call them (360) 853-7020 or send them an email at Laketyeeisforme@gmail.com requesting one.


Be sure to check the calendar for upcoming events.


Where is Lake Tyee?

Lake Tyee is located approximately 2 hours north of Seattle and approximately 1 1/2 hours south of Vancouver BC.


From Washington I-5, take the Burlington exit and go east on State Highway 20 for approximately 21 miles. Turn left onto Baker Lake Highway and travel north for approximately 7 miles. Turn right onto Burpee Hill Road (you will see a large "Lake Tyee" sign at this intersection). The Lake Tyee community is on both sides of the road after the turn. The sales office is located on the left side of the road just before you get to the main entrance.